Are the albuquerque Police too tough on crime?

Around the Local media theres been different stories about the albuquerque Police and the brutality they inflict,arising to the question,are the albuquerque poilce too tough on crime kind of like the LAPD? If you dont already know Los Angeles is the sister city of Albuquerque,all the draftees from the albuquerque dukes(before they were the isotopes) went directly to the LA Dogers because they had a sister city recruiting program,does this mean that we inherit LAPD’S reputation in our own police force as well?Well as it stand nobody knows except the brutalized the aggressors and the media, there have been multiple settlements and complaints from the public about albuquerque police brutality,If you asked me my honest opinion on the subject,I would say this, Albuquerque is a beautiful and hitoric city,but it is a tough town,on both sides,I think that the police are just increasing there agression to combat a city that is quite different than any other city in the world,tough criminals make tough police,the police just might have a different edge on it becauise they have the legislators and the judges and the politicians making sure that they are ahead of the criminals,but ultimatley I would just chalk it up to albuqerque is a tough town,I dont know how else the police would handle there reputation,I mean maybe they are really hurting and lashing out cause they cant take it,maybe the criminals are very aggressive and dangerouse and these are just police officers shooting at whatever moves,maybe politicians like it that way to get the heat off of them and there blue collar crimes?maybe our laws arent tough enough and the criminals get out and go back to there ways and walk all over the police officers,who knows,whatever it is if you live in albuqerque,you live in a tough town and when the police stop you,dont make no sudden movements,and do what they tell you,or else!..

Florida residential Designer may move to Rio Rancho? By stephen judy

Professional building designer and real estate guru Robert Paige is contemplating about possibly purchasing land in the Rio Rancho area to build a custom 5 bedroom home?what does this mean for Rio rancho,well not only would the city of vision,gain a new resident,but it would also gain an architect that’s bringing a fresh new look and design to the area,with more than 15 years design experience Mr. Paige is well versed in the design of comfortable luxurious living,,if Paige comes to new mexico rio rancho will benefit from the design style he brings from the Florida Miami area.Paige is no new comer to new mexico having graduated from NMSU with a bachelors and UTEP with a masters he knows the area,maybe this time around hell stay and change the landscape of new mexico.Image

Local Electrician Builds SUPER-BIKE!

Local Electrician Builds super bike! by stephen k judy

Local Electrician Builds super bike!

by stephen k judy

A local electrician named tom has created his own bike,this isn’t just any type of bike this bike is a super bike,the bike contains a special motor from china that fits on the front wheel that powers it forward,it even has reverse,furthermore the bike has a key ignition,an air horn,two more horns,turn signals lights two computer systems and in the future a possible battery pack,whats most interesting about this story is that tom didn’t buy this bike,he built it from scratch,the bike also has a special suspension system(some of it is still being developed) but the suspension will help the bike with stability,turning and sway,also the bike has hidden fold out basket compartments and a compartment on the back to carry things, roughly the bike weighs about 100-110 pounds,tom the electrician from Albuquerque west side built it from scratch including the frame and plans to make more tweaks to the bike in the future.To help the bike for visibility it has a flexible pole with flags and a special alien light on the back that illuminates at night so drivers can see its there it also has a triangle type reflector and air horn,so next time your driving around town be careful and courteous to pedestrians and bikers,there a work of art riding around out there, the bike also goes around 45-50 miles an hour and can keep up with traffic.(photos courtesy of tom the bikes owner for the duke city times.)




Windy and cold today

Windy and cold today

Its windy and cold today in Albuquerque,hopefully it will subside and the sun will come out again and we can enjoy warm weather,even though its windy today,at least we can be thankful that its warming up and spring and Easter is on the way,there’s good times ahead for the duke city!

SBA Business Loan � Criteria To Obtain SBA Loans by: Jassica Thomson


While you try to obtain an on SBA business loan there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled. Let us have a look at them below:

The first requirement is to provide a detailed profile of the business that you are currently running. This will include detailing of the business type that you are running. You will also need to provide the time limit from when you are running this business. Also, any information regarding the overall sales, profit and loss reports will also need to be discussed. Finally, the total number of people working under you needs to be mentioned along with the area of location of the venture. Apart from providing this information, you will also be asked to provide all the business operation related news.

The next requirement is the process to select the correct SBA loan that will best meet your purpose. You will need to discuss the amount you feel is necessary for your venture and then specifying the detailed information about how you will use these funds for your business. One thing should be kept in mind: Always read carefully all the schemes and plans available before applying. You need to ensure that you are choosing the best scheme to meet your needs and requirements. Unless you undergo the correct selection and application procedure, you will find that you have achieved nothing as your application will be ruled out.

The next step of the application process is extremely crucial. It is related with all the financial statements regarding your business venture status. However, this scenario is common to every loan package that you will obtain from anywhere. All the financial statements are required to be submitted pertaining to the last three years and also of the present year.

Not only the financial statements but also certain other financial calculative sheets need to be included. The account payables, receivables and the transactions related to cash flow are also required to be shown. The major advantage in this criterion is that suitable proof can be provided through some statements of cash flow on monthly basis to highlight the fact that you can repay the loan amount without any sort of trouble or difficulty.

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