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Is our Society Broken?


It seems as though in the past year or so there have been many stories of police abusing and killing what seems to be mostly African-American citizens.At first it seemed as just an isolated incident but now as the days progress,more and more stories are showing up in the media.

We at the Duke City Times are asking is our justice system broke? Is our society broke?do we have stereotypes and a status Quo to maintain that has reduced our police to attacking African American’s and African American’s being found  situations with the police,it possible that its not the police’s fault and its not African Americans fault,its all our fault,its Americas fault,whether we create strict laws that prevent abuses of power or we change our society to get rid of theses hidden discriminatory practices,this must stop,it must not carry on,the people of America cannot sit by and watch this go on,we have some serious question to ask ourselves,and for now lets just hope that peace may rest over the land.

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