Justice For Ahmad Arbery :All three Killers Sentenced To Life in Prison.

Simply Going For a Jog, Innocent Ahmad Arbery was senselessly killed by three Racist Assailants he did not know. The three Killers have been brought to justice and have been sentenced to Death , Bringing a little much needed closure to the black community that has suffered many injustices in the recent years.

Robert Porras Captures Pictures of the Elusive Duke Of Albuquerque On the Sandia Mountains.

Image courtesy of Robert Porras
Image Courtesy of Robert Porras
Image courtesy Of Robert Porras.

There is an Elusive “Duke of Albuquerque warrior” that appears on the Sandia mountains when the sun is just right , Mr. Porras of Ratchet Industries, Was lucky enough to catch the Duke on the Mountain side producing Vivid Images of the Duke!

Why is New Mexico Last In Education and what can we do?

Educational ranking per similar states

South Dakota : 25
North Dakota : 19
New Mexico : 50

Why is New Mexico last in Education compared to other States ? We as New Mexicans have to prize education and we must make sure our government and political system operate in a way that leads our educational rankings higher , Something is broken and it must be fixed !

This my hope for you and I

This is my hope for you and myself, that God will make you exceedingly blessed, and you will be wise enough to know that nothing is yours its his, and your only receiving this ability to project his will of love on the world, you are nothing but a servant in the King of Kings endless kingdom, your mission to reflect his blessings on his children, your brothers and sisters, that is your only purpose, to love him with all your heart mind and soul, to treat your neighbor as how you would like to be treated and to reflect the blessings of god in all you do and throughout the world, to show the world that there is a living God and He is Alive and He’s working through his people and they are going to make this world a better place in his name, and in his honor, When they had him in chains he could of released himself and sent 10000 battle ready angels to show his power, but that we would truly love him he died on the cross so that all the scriptures would be fulfilled ,so we can see and know god through our worldly eyes, It is true, he is alive-in our hearts and in reality, it is impossible for the world to forget, and it will never forget, because he was a real man and god in spirit and died out of love, the world will make many claims to disapprove his love, but it will always remain and never fade for eternity that, he came and fed the people and washed their feet and was pure love and his last words were “you will be with me in paradise”, and the reason for his death was because he came to save the world from sin and darkness, this will never be forgotten, 3000 years later he walks among us, and because of this ,you are blessed with limitless salvation, because he washed their feet and said you will be with me in paradise is why you are Royalty, use your Royal inheritance to bless the world, This is my hope and prayer for you and I, In his Name I pray amen.

World Loses Cultural Icon Vicente Fernandez

Mexico lost one if its greatest national icons today with the Passing of Vicente Fernandez. Vicente was probably one of the most influential musicians in Mexican history with many of his songs hits, like “por du maldiot amor” “el rey” and “aca entre nos”; All of Mexico is crying today with the loss of its greatest father figure and singer Vicente Fernandez, rest In peace Vicente!

Stephen Judy Development Plan as Governor of New Mexico

It is clear , New Mexico needs more aggressive laws against violence and property crime , well funded police forces statewide , and an extreme and concentrated effort towards funding for our teachers And for building many more schools and learning facilities ,furthermore , we must kill poverty with education,technology and entrepreneurialism , our next priorities should be to revitalize our communities with affordable housing using funds to reconnect communities , help citizens and improve the quality of life on our streets, Our citizens must be involved in working together to lift our State into the top rankings with other States , we must also create citizen organized government oversight groups to protect our states resources .I love and believe in New Mexico , I believe we can become a modern prized State to live in, the envy and model of other State’s , I believe New Mexico can work as a team , focus our efforts and resolve the issues that challenge or hinder our success, this is my plan to contribute to the State that I love and I will be working towards this End Thank you and Viva Nuevo Mexico.

A Letter to Elon..

Elon after great success you realized the teaching of the Buddha regarding attachment and sold your Los Angeles Mansion , impressive , however , I think you should make me your personal life coach and friend , because I need to convey to you that although I support you and your great feats , I think covering the future earths atmosphere with satellites all not only be an attachment to the earth it will not let us see the stars as well which saddens me as I’m sure at some point looking at the stars motivated your mental vision ! As a medicine man and priest I think you should continue your technology ventures but also balance your mission to preserving the view of the stars for dreamers as well as maybe helping end human and political crisis on our earth . When Jesus talked the rich young ruler he asked him to sell all he had and follow the father, that is a very hard thing to do many billionaires try it at the end of there life , I think a different way to living well might be to balance your great ability to use technology to create wealth with using your power to help Gods( how you understand him ) children , to be great is one thing , but you will be greater when you come back down to earth and spread some love !

Su amigo ,


The land of dreams

The United States is the land of dreams , it was built by people and created by foreigners, let us never forget that we all are castaways,wretched and outcast, I know for the sake of our country we have rules and laws regulating immigration and rightly so for the greatest nation on earth , but let us never adopt an ideology that demonizes new immigrants , because when you do this not only do we demonize ourselves but we are betraying the great American spirit of opportunity and freedom for whoever wishes to work and make a go at it , my fellow Americans Remember where we started , remember how far we’ve come to make sure that people can sit anywhere on the bus if they choose , and most importantly remember that we are the light of the world , and we we’ve built something that is made to shine for all who seek it !

Boebert Should resign immediately

A Congressperson that has made such racist and inflammatory comments about a fellow congressperson that boebert has made must immediately be terminated from working for the American people; this is not behavior fitting for a congressperson and does represent America.Americans need to unite and vote out all leadership that “ normalizes” racist comments , apology not accepted!

Klarrisa Pena’s bridge lighting project brilliant!

City counselor Klarrissa Pena’s bridge lighting project is brilliant ! For years the central bridge over the Rio Grande was dark and cold , but now it’s warm and bright , giving a nice glow over a nighttime Bosque ; in fact the bridge lighting program might be even be more impactful than the entire A.R.T , program itself in function , cost and aesthetics.We think if someone has the insight to light up the bridges , a low cost idea with big returns , then they probably care about our community.Thank you city counselor Pena for lightening up our drive over the bridge and making the Duke City a better place !

The Duke City Times supports small businesses.

Are you a small business , could you use a little free marketing ? Whoever responds to this post and emails dukecitytimes@gmail.com to get an invite to post in dukecitytimes.com , ( please place “abq business advertising “ in headline ) if they accept the invite and post about their business , I will instantly share the ad before 20000 local people .

Racist ignorant attitudes more of a threat than border activity.

Racist ignorant attitudes are more of a threat to this country then ANYTHING or ANYONE that could come over the border. Racist ignorant attitudes not divisive and more damaging to the country then the drug trade and illegal border crossings combined.Racist Ignorant attitudes , especially reinforced by racist politicians are the worse thing that could happen to America and a threat to our democracy , racist ignorant attitudes hinder our progress , oppress our citizens , promote dictators and destroy our quality of life , statistically , these ignorant attitudes and ideologies deal more damage to America than anything the border could bring .

Good Job Governor Grisham!Thank you for your service !

Dear Governor Grisham ,

Being Governor during a pandemic is not an easy task , but you remained calm and collected and initiated a Covid -19 response unprecedented by any other state;and that was basically the best in the country.Despite the few that are resisting the vaccine you kept the land of enchantment safe!We would just like to thank you for serving New Mexico and we want you to know The Duke City Times has your back Governor ! Thank you for your service !

Make New Mexico 1st in everything: stop the misappropriation of the peoples funds.

New Mexico is such beautiful and wonderful; This State deserves so much more! New Mexico has always been good to me (being born in Denver and moving to New Mexico As a child, I love this state and have been apart everything it offers , so I must say this, If you want to solve New Mexico’s Crime problem and our education problem, start at the top, get rid of all the red tape and hands in our money ,cut the ties, and make sure that our state funds are appropriated transparently and correctly.

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