Trump ”proud boys” outnumbered by anti-trump protesters

Trump supporter “proud boys” out numbered by anti-trump protesters in downtown Albuquerque.Some say in the Cowboys just want to schedule an event and police protection just to incite violence.

The “proud boys” were overwhelmingly outnumbered and drowned out by the anti-trump protester chants ” leave ” and ” New Mexico don’t want you “

Albuquerque, New Mexico Country Western Music Capital of The World.

Surrounded by Colorado, Texas, and Arizona in the heart of the Wild West Albuquerque New Mexico is the true country western music capital of the world.

When you are in New Mexico you can’t help but see the Wild West before your eyes from Taos and Santa Fe to Albuquerque and Las Cruces welcome to the heart of the western lifestyle.

Albuquerque is New Mexicos largest city that supports recording and it’s geographical location places in the heart of cowboy country, a long way from Nashville which us closer to New York City, What we’re they thinking?

Surrounded by guitar playing cowboys and spanish music artist it’s undeniable that Albuquerque, at least for country western, takes the cake;In fact all Ranchera and country western musicians musicians can get free recording and publishing in Albuquerque by calling 505-804-4774.

How to lift New Mexico out of poverty

The time has come where we need to lift New Mexico out of poverty, here is my plan:

1- No income tax for New Mexicans under 250k dollars in income.

2. No taxes for New outside businesses for 5 years

3. Oil and gas dividends for all citizens.

4. possible state run solar and oil industry for citizens.

5. Possible higher taxes for out of state land owners that don’t reside in New Mexico.

This plan will put money in the pockets of New Mexicans and Improve the economy of our state.


Stephen K. Judy

Trump makes racist tweet tell’s female senators’ to ”Go back where they came from”

In a disgusting display of racism and intolerance trump recently told three elected female senators to ” go back where they came from”, a statement commonly made by intolerant Americans who hold racist views.

Because of statements like these trump is emboldening racist and desensitizing the public to his fascist agenda.

Many of the GOP senators have not aired disagreement with Trump over this latest tweet and should have their re-elections questioned.

Trump’s Parade Emulates Russian, North Korean Dictators.

Courtesy USA Today

Today Donald Trump is having a Fourth of July parade with tanks and jets and marching troops;something you would see in Russia or North Korea.

Trump has made comments that insinuate a dictatorship;To the effect that his followers would “demand” he remains president. He is also attacked the American media and freedom of Speech, something that is indicative of dictators worldwide.

Making a Living

The Automotive Industry in Albuquerque, New Mexico has developed a negative perception in the public’s eye. One of of goals at Del Sol is to change those negative notions into positive attitudes. We are not just some used car salesmen that use your hard earned money to pad our pockets; We are people who sell vehicles to support our families.

Our inventory is not designed to screw you! Any vehicle you see for sale on our lot must uphold a high standard. That standard being our own family’s safety and well-being. If we wouldn’t feel comfortable watching one of our own family members purchase a vehicle; we won’t sell it to you. That simple. We started our dealership out of the frustration we felt other dealerships have created; which is, lack of empathy for their customers.

We care about you, the consumer.

Check out this 2011 Ford Mustang Convertible. You can see all of our inventory with this link:

2011 FORD MUSTANG | Premium Convertible 2.0 | 94,107 Miles | $10,950

DEL SOL AUTOMOTIVE GROUP |7301 Central Ave NE ABQ, NM 87108 | 505.356.2020

Obstruction of Justice? William Barr United States Attorney General to be held in Contempt.


Courtesy House Judiciary Committee

The house judiciary committee it’s loading to hold attorney general William barr,In contempt For not Releasing the full mueller report by a certain deadline.Barr came under the microscope when he downplayed the seriousness of the mueller report.

Mueller himself believes that Barr did not portray the original intent of the report properly. In bizarre way it seems like bar may be defending trump.

The house judiciary Committee is actively investigation corruption within the Trump administration.

New Mexican’s praise Gov.Michelle Lujan Grisham As Hero For rejecting Trump agenda.

As a very culturally diverse state with a long history of tolerance many New Mexicans praise Governor Michelle lujan Grisham as a Hero for not supporting what many call trumps “racist” agenda.Trumps administration filled with lawsuits and absurdities Moved to build a wall On the New Mexico border as well as place troops on the border;all of which Grisham has rejected.Grisham who won the Governors seat by a landslide promised not to entertain trumps questionable initiatives and the citizens of New Mexico as well as the state legislature stand by her as seen in many state media briefs.

Duke City Times Exclusive Interview: New Mexico State Auditor Brian Colon

The Duke City Times had the honor of interviewing New Mexico State Auditor Brian Colon.Mr. Colon has risen from humble beginnings in Valencia County to one of the highest offices in the state and has built his career on a long history of service and persistence.When you hear the story of Mr. Colon’s rise you will understand that there’s no better man for Government in the State of New Mexico

Because of Brian Colon’s great and continued service to the State of New Mexico, Because of the impact he’s had on the youth in our community and because with all his power he remains an open door for the people,we at the Duke City Times Publishing Co. award and recognize Mr. colon as our Duke City Times 2019 Illustrious Citizen Of the year.

We wish Mr.Colon the very best and all gods speed and success in his campaigns to come.

You can learn More about the State Auditors Office By going to



Video:Micheal Campos

Forbes article Says Immigration Is falling!No national “Emergency”

Courtesy Forbes magazine

A recent article in Forbes states that immigration is falling and there is no national crisis.Trumps whole premise of his argument is that there’s a national security issue because immigration numbers are so high and we are basically getting invaded as Trump would say. But cording to Forbes magazine in the least in article Forbes states that the statistics show that immigration is falling and that we are all safe read the link below.

Dear Trump supporter when you get to heaven there will be a wall.

Dear trump supporter,

When you get to heaven there will be a wall, and the refugees and kids you helped kill will be standing next to angels looking down at you,then, the demons will come and take you away to be with your father trump, where the weeping and gnashing of teeth never ends.

Trump concedes to Democrats;then takes credit for the deal they offered

Today Trump came out and proclaimed that he was opening the government. Trump acted like he struck a deal with the Democrats as if he is some kind a great deal maker. In reality Trump just caved in to what the Democrats have been offering all the time ,but no changes. This is the type of deceitful behavior that Trump creates. He acts like if he’s done such great work but in reality he just closed the government for no reason and he caused needless suffering.

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