Boebert Should resign immediately

A Congressperson that has made such racist and inflammatory comments about a fellow congressperson that boebert has made must immediately be terminated from working for the American people; this is not behavior fitting for a congressperson and does represent America.Americans need to unite and vote out all leadership that “ normalizes” racist comments , apology not accepted!

Klarrisa Pena’s bridge lighting project brilliant!

City counselor Klarrissa Pena’s bridge lighting project is brilliant ! For years the central bridge over the Rio Grande was dark and cold , but now it’s warm and bright , giving a nice glow over a nighttime Bosque ; in fact the bridge lighting program might be even be more impactful than the entire A.R.T , program itself in function , cost and aesthetics.We think if someone has the insight to light up the bridges , a low cost idea with big returns , then they probably care about our community.Thank you city counselor Pena for lightening up our drive over the bridge and making the Duke City a better place !

The Duke City Times supports small businesses.

Are you a small business , could you use a little free marketing ? Whoever responds to this post and emails to get an invite to post in , ( please place “abq business advertising “ in headline ) if they accept the invite and post about their business , I will instantly share the ad before 20000 local people .

Good Job Governor Grisham!Thank you for your service !

Dear Governor Grisham ,

Being Governor during a pandemic is not an easy task , but you remained calm and collected and initiated a Covid -19 response unprecedented by any other state;and that was basically the best in the country.Despite the few that are resisting the vaccine you kept the land of enchantment safe!We would just like to thank you for serving New Mexico and we want you to know The Duke City Times has your back Governor ! Thank you for your service !

Make New Mexico 1st in everything: stop the misappropriation of the peoples funds.

New Mexico is such beautiful and wonderful; This State deserves so much more! New Mexico has always been good to me (being born in Denver and moving to New Mexico As a child, I love this state and have been apart everything it offers , so I must say this, If you want to solve New Mexico’s Crime problem and our education problem, start at the top, get rid of all the red tape and hands in our money ,cut the ties, and make sure that our state funds are appropriated transparently and correctly.

There is no Silver Bullet,Except God.

SEO Silver Bullet: Discipline is the Key to Search Engine Optimization

There IS No Silver Bullet Except God.

When it sets in it sets in beautifully, there is not silver bullet, you can read all the books you want about sales or this or that, and yes you’ll gain more knowledge and more skills, but there’s no silver bullet ,no “you’ll find yourself” and it will all work out, you’ll read the right book and your sales will increase , you’ll go to this or that and you get better, or on the other side is the what do i want to do with my self i must “search” for it ,the truth is , the silver bullet is there is no silver bullet, everything is matter of circumstance ,design .resourcefulness and creation,your mind is the pastel, the universe your canvass, your touch the brush, build on what you have,organize, plan grow, but remember, there’s no silver bullet, because you are the silver bullet.

Fine Print : If there is a Silver bullet, that would be Jesus Christ.

Go gracefully..

All sides have things the other side wants , one side thinks it has it all but is missing the most important thing , the other side has nothing but is still is happier than the other and envied so , the only constant is that the great all is good and made of pure love , go gracefully ,doing all you can to live in peace with all, harming none and leaving this world better off when your gone.

Teach me Wisdom , Teach me Understanding

You see all ,you know all , your words are pure love , you always have mercy,you seek to be with us , you are the sanctuary who’s doors never close and all are welcomed , whoever comes to you is adorned with fine Lenin ,you make their paths straight , you speak for the poor in high places , you blood covers all things,blessed be your name forever , let it be custom and tradition across the tablet of my heart to praise your name each day and each night, let it be custom and tradition that all kings and queens kneel to your name , let it be custom and tradition that all seek you for guidance , you are the light and the truth for all wisemen to hear , teach me to be a good servant , teach me to live according to your will , teach me wisdom , teach me Understanding , blessed be your name forever.

New Mexico,Before you sell your house , check with me !

I really hate to say it that way but my job is not only to make you money but to protect you, a lot can happen during a transaction and the worst pitfall is putting your house on the market at a suggested price , thinking your maximized , and losing thousands of dollars , a second pitfall could be negotiation meltdown, My first job was as a telemarketer for my dad at 15 , I know business , I know people , before you sell check with me let’s get all your money from all your hard work ,on your transaction ! I’m Stephen Judy , Coldwell banker legacy , give me a call , I look forward to hearing from you , I work for you !

Before you tell me how to drive can you protect my car ?

Albuquerque is a car town , in fact it’s a racing town (Unser Family)?, this town could be the next Indy 500 , add low riders and the dealerships and all the auto businesses , this is a car town , and you want to put up cameras ? I wouldn’t disrespect a car town like that , worry more about serious things like the criminals that are stealing cars in Albuquerque everyday , instead of going after kids and car guys , and racers who have a hobby and spend their time doing that instead of breaking the law, go after the thieves ,New Mexico has a serious problem of “leadership” stealing the people’s money for private “city” projects and crap making bad choices like putting up cameras , focus on what the people need like affordable housing and opportunities so people can follow their dreams , before you tell me how to drive can you protect my car like other cities? ?

Affordable housing, fighting crime, better investments than Stadium.

Albuquerque spent a lot money with the “ART” project and you’ve seen the results , we don’t need to spend money on another project right now , let’s work towards restoring the city as a whole by creating opportunities for citizens , reducing homelessness , fighting to make Albuquerque a low crime city and investing in affordable housing , these are things that will prepare the city for a Large pro stadium in the future. Go big or go home do it right , fix the city then build a stadium.

In your honor

In your honor let me be a man of non violence , may I speak of your love forever , there’s is peace in your sanctuary, may I speak of your love forever , in your honor I will build my home , may I speak of your love forever , I will chase you till the ends of the earth , may I speak of your love forever , let every breath be an offering to you , may I speak of your love forever,

I prayed to you..

I prayed to you that you would have mercy and lift me up and you did , you heard my prayer and had mercy on me , you didn’t turn your ear from me , you did take me to a land of milk and honey, I was astonished when I saw the land was previously owned by your church , you heard my prayer and took me to your land , please have mercy on me and let the home I build on your land be dedicated to you , let it be a great monument of your love and mercy for all peoples throughout the world ,Amen

Your are a great person and you mean a lot to me!

Hello , if your reading this , it got to you somehow from my network , and that means I reached you , I want you to know that despite what the world is saying or doing to you , or however you maybe troubled , I want you to know that I care about you, I know everything can be washed away and underneath there is a great beautiful person , I want you to be strong , to keep fighting for the forces of good and what’s right , and know in spirit and in heart I have your back ! , You will survive thrive success and conquer , Godspeed to you forever!

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