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Colon Vs. Torrez ;Who’s better for Attorney Generals office?

New Mexico has a serious crime problem and crime in Albuquerque is extremely high, Raul Torrez’ current administration hasn’t seemed to make any great strides in decreasing the problem.New Mexico needs serious change.

Brian Colon as State auditor has proven to the people he will use a New Mexican Government office for the betterment of the community as seen in certain high profile actions From the State Auditors office.

The ultimate question is if Colons deep roots in the community and government translate to effective leadership of the AG office over Torrez’ experience as a Prosecutor, the answer is a resounding yes. Colon may be able to use his first hand knowledge as a New Mexican Statesman to address the challenges the State Faces and make the changes to improve our safety.

Ultimately with crime so high , New Mexico is better off giving Colon the Office so he can bring change to New Mexico Instead of continuing the Status quo of high crime.

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