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Stop using Mexican asylum seekers as political pawns..the border is fine..

In Mexico crime is so bad children defend their villages with machines guns , those who flee and come to the US are truly asylum seekers , the United States is Mexico’s largest drug buyer.

Whether it’s Mexico’s fault or the United States fault is neither hear nor there for this article , this articles purpose is to point out that Republicans are using the border and women and children as political pawns , using them as scapegoats and talking points for racist which is wrong.

The border is fine , the United States Government is in control of the border , drugs don’t come in through asylum seekers they come in through vehicles that slip through the cracks , and tunnels .

It’s disgusting for republicans to use the “border” as an imaginary boogie man to scare Misinformed republicans into into voting ,

Racism is started with policies , spreading policies of hate by using asylum seekers at the southern border as political talking points is wrong and more dangerous for America than “ dangerous” asylum seekers themselves.

In 2018 asylum seekers brought Texas 18 billion in revenue and only used 2 billion in services , asylum seekers who cross the border bring in more then they use .

When you have American republicans demonizing asylum seekers ( women and children fleeing a dangerous situation ) thats a big red flag our political discourse has taken a turn for the worse.

The United States send billions in aid around the world , we could easily curb the violence and drugs in Mexico , the problem is with criminals not the victims ,

To use the victims in this situation for political gain , to play on the racist inclinations of republicans is not American and goes against everything America is about , America is not Nazi Germany and Mexicans are not Jews Get over it , if you think otherwise you might be the one who needs to leave.

Colon, Grisham Good for New Mexico

After listening to the GOP candidates for New Mexico’s Governors office it’s clear we need to keep Grishman , Not only has she taken us through Covid ,but she also has improved education and is the strong leader we need ,compared to her contenders who seem to spout the same Trump talking points, we need leaders not followers.

New Mexico needs change in the attorney generals office and that change is Brian Colon , Torrez has been unable to reduce crime as the bernalillio county prosecutor we don’t need more of the same in the AG office! New Mexico needs someone that will make moves in the office , Colon proved this in the auditors office he’ll prove it in the AG’s office,vote Colon !

Ronchetti and GOP Gov-Hopefuls Threaten Our Democracy

By : Delaney Corcoran

At the GOP Primary Debate, Candidates Confirm Their Extremist and Out of Touch Views For New Mexico

Tonight during KOAT’s primary debate, Mark Ronchetti and his fellow Republican candidates for governor doubled down on their threat to our democracy. By spreading election misinformation, stoking fear about voter integrity, and flat out denying the results of the 2020 election, Ronchetti and the other GOP candidates for governor demonstrated that they will promote themselves at all costs—even if it means sacrificing our democratic process. 

Mark Ronchetti has been sowing seeds of doubt in our election system since the very beginning of his campaign. By promoting fringe election “security” policies, Ronchetti has shown New Mexicans that he stands with the rest of the GOP candidates in their complete disregard for our democracy. Other GOP candidates like Rebecca Dow and Jay Block have pushed for election audits and election conspiracy theories. Candidates like Greg Zanetti and Ethel Maharg have even flat out denied that President Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election. 

On the debate stage, the GOP candidates have confirmed that their views are incredibly out of touch with the majority of New Mexicans. While pushing policies that could destroy our democracy, ruin our electoral processes, and threaten election outcomes, Ronchetti and the other gov-hopefuls prove that they would rather pander to extremists than present a plan to actually lead our state.

Colon Vs. Torrez ;Who’s better for Attorney Generals office?

New Mexico has a serious crime problem and crime in Albuquerque is extremely high, Raul Torrez’ current administration hasn’t seemed to make any great strides in decreasing the problem.New Mexico needs serious change.

Brian Colon as State auditor has proven to the people he will use a New Mexican Government office for the betterment of the community as seen in certain high profile actions From the State Auditors office.

The ultimate question is if Colons deep roots in the community and government translate to effective leadership of the AG office over Torrez’ experience as a Prosecutor, the answer is a resounding yes. Colon may be able to use his first hand knowledge as a New Mexican Statesman to address the challenges the State Faces and make the changes to improve our safety.

Ultimately with crime so high , New Mexico is better off giving Colon the Office so he can bring change to New Mexico Instead of continuing the Status quo of high crime.

Double Fatal Crash on SR 529 in Eddy County

Eddy County, NM – On April 19, at around 11:30 p.m. the New Mexico State Police, investigated a double fatal crash involving two vehicles on State Road 529 west of Maljamar, NM.

The initial investigation indicated that a 2020 Dodge van was traveling west on SR 529.  For unknown reasons it crossed the center line and collided head-on with an eastbound International commercial motor vehicle (CMV), driven by Juan S. Martinez-Garcia, 42, of Hobbs, NM.  Both drivers were killed in the collision and pronounced deceased on the scene by the Office of the Medical Investigator.  An 18-year-old male passenger in the CMV was airlifted from the scene, his condition is not known.  The driver of the van will not be identified until the family has been properly notified.

The 18-year-old was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash.  This crash is under investigation by the New Mexico State Police. 


Real Estate Boom in New Mexico!

People are flocking to the land of enchantment from all over the country , with a short supply of houses , it’s a sellers market , this new found boom could also translate to new construction , New construction may be the road lowering prices for buyers and still taking advantage of out of New out of State Monies coming in , If the cards are played right this boom could last a long while..

Wildfires Rock New Mexico

Four wild fires have been burning in New Mexico over the past couple of days in Valencia county , Belen ,Portales and Ruidoso. The worst fire being the McBride fire in Ruidoso , causing the death of an older couple in their home, citizens are encouraged to listen to fire officials and evacuate fire danger areas

Teachings about violence

The answer to this question of slapping a comedian on national tv or invading an innocent country is In The teachings of Ghandi and Jesus and the Buddha , to understand with wisdom that violence is destruction and to abstain from it with all your heart and to treat your neighbor as yourself , these are the golden rules of the ancient ones , they should be protected and cherished like the flowers cherish the sun , they should always crash into the beaches of our minds , non-violence turns out to be a great strength we all know , only the strongest posses this , like the old wise man who saved the city when the warriors failed ,take heed all the dictators are filled with haughtiness and self centeredness forgetting humility ,creating tradgedy in the face of the humanity , defying God , forgetting whoever Judges , Judges God, All people are the children of The most high , the rewards of violence are death and sorrow the rewards of peace are love and life , may love and peace forever be painted across the canvas of your heart, love means you wish goodwill, peace and life for your neighbor, those who practice love practice the works of the father and the golden rule , the practice of light , when one walks with love they they are fulfilling what is written , wisdom is fear of god understanding is love of god , may your steps be shod with the fear and love of God , the alpha and omega who gives and takes away , humility will keep you in love and knowing the power of god will keep you wise..

Josh Foster #40 , was one of New Mexicos and the nations greatest sports aficionados.

He started from a very young age playing basketball and sports later to be south valley academy #40 in Albuquerque New Mexico , playing basketball almost everyday other day his whole life he was also the ultimate Denver Bronco and Unm Lobo fan. As a studebt at unm that majored in communications he was also a sports reporter and writer .

RIP beloved hero

I’ll never forget the youthful innocence of my brother Joshua , he loved unm and sports to death , he always wanted to complete his schooling at unm , he loved to write , he was loved by everyone , he was really strong and supported himself 100% , from bridge and university to university and Gibson that’s Joshua Foster Ave , that whole area was his ,he loved sports and would write articles about unm games , he was my Rock , my main source of strength, I will love him forever , he brought light and youth to our life ,..

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