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Albuquerque is out of control

Albuquerque is out of control , murders have continued without end , property crime is rampant , homelessness everywhere , over worked police , broken court system , emboldened criminals , what’s worse is our hardworking citizens are the victims of this , our leaders carry on like if nothing is happening ,first off we need security , we need increased pay for police and more officers so they have a sense of pride and commitment to our community , enough of this social treatment half hearted attempt at policing , we need a strong robust police force that works with integrity in step with our community going after those criminal Main stays and offenders especially expanding the State police in the fight against drugs , next we need tougher drug trafficking laws and stronger court systems that represent the citizens and not the criminals , the days of rehabilitation are over , the charges we need must be harsh and send a message , not in New Mexico ! We have to couple this effort with an attack on corruption and poverty in our State , no more taking advantage of the people of this Great State , we need to mix up our political “ families “ as well as bring in new “ blood “ into our government , we need new leaders , then we can have security and honesty which will lead to prosperity and will aid us in focusing on poverty , one block at a time one community at a time , no New Mexicans forgotten , education , nutrition , opportunities, mentorship , skills training , intervention, I’m talking a movement , we have somewhere around two million people in this State that’s not a lot , there’s plenty for everyone if we work together for the sake of our own safety, futures and community , with pride , the New Mexico I see is one with the best schools , lowest crime , high tech jobs and opportunities for all socioeconomic statuses , with a culture of civic and personal elevation ,we must have pride in our State and call people out if it’s contrary to our mission ,it will be hard and unpopular but this State can be untangled and placed on the right path if we work as a team with pride , Team New Mexico !

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