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Stephen Judy Letter To the American People.

My fellow Americans one thing I despise dearly is crooks trying to steal our votes , defile our capitol , or use our great nation for their own selfish needs , this country was founded by the people and for the the people , and just like we gathered en mass to save it when they tried to steal our vote , we will continue to gather en mass to make our voices heard for our rights! We will keep the pressure on till true representation of the people rest in our Capitol , our country has always faced the toughest challenges and we’ve always as one people have risen to the occasion , innovated , persisted and succeeded , the time is now , within the next two years I call on all Americans to begin the political fight to rout this evil once and for all , many big industries and lobbyist have a hand in ruining our healthcare system our government our way of life , we must change that , so we can improve the lives , rights and future of all Americans not just a select few , We must bring the power of this country back into the hands of every American and not that of lobbyist , big corporations or criminal presidents ,we must remember clearly who we were before this darkness came and one day we will see that light again , our country will be victorious, we will remove every piece of this cancer together as one just like we always have since our founding , we will fight as one nation till we secure our country, I wish Godspeed and great blessing to you and your family , I hope in your heart you will find great resolve knowing that this isn’t the end but just the beginning , the beginning of the New America , A new America where we turn from all the misinformation and division and evil we have witnessed ,where sickness and mental illness are easily treated from the coffers of a well managed abundant nation , where our veterans are respected and assisted because of the sacrifices they made when they signed on the dotted line , where women have rights over their bodies , a nation that protects our voting system dearly , and is guided by the premise that if it doesn’t bring power to all people in our country then we don’t want it , a nation of accessible housing , racial equality , a nation that takes honor in protecting our government and finances from those who wish to exploit the people , my fellow Americans let it be known throughout all the world that we the people have seen this evil , have identified it and have decided that we will work until our country is governed justly , we will resist by remembering who we are , we would never attack the Capitol , or tamper with votes , or betray our countrymen for lobbyist and dark money ,they have attacked our customs, our values , our traditions , they have Betrayed their offices and will be replaced , Do not be dismayed , we will hold on to our nation and we’ll defend it politically from all enemies foreign and domestic ,May God bless you and may God bless the land of the free and home of the brave !

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