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NM State Police Arrest High School Coach for Exploitation of a Child in Valencia County

For Immediate Release

July 17, 2021

NM State Police Arrest High School Coach for Exploitation of a Child in Valencia County

Valencia County, NM– On July 16, 2021, the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau was called to investigate the sexual exploitation of a child between an adult male and a 15-year-old female in Los Lunas, NM.

During the investigation, State Police agents learned between June 13-15, 2021, a parent discovered her 15-year-old daughter had been sexually communicating via cellphone through text messages, videos, and pictures with a male, identified as Johnathon M. Bindues (30) of Los Lunas, NM who is the girls’ track and basketball coach at the Los Lunas High School. Agents discovered and confirmed the sexually explicit conversations between Bindues and the 15-year-old female.

Through further investigation, agents learned during the 3-day exchange of sexually explicit text messages, photos, and videos, Bindues had made requests for the 15-year-old to send him videos and photos of her to him. During a search of the laptop, agents discovered numerous nude videos and photos of the 15-year-old. Agents confirmed both cellphone numbers utilized belonged to Bindues and the 15-year-old.

On July 16, 2021, an arrest warrant was issued for Johnathon Bindues through the Valencia County Magistrate Court. In the early morning hours of July 17th, agents and uniformed NMSP officers located and arrested Bindues without incident at a residence in Los Lunas.  He was booked into the Valencia County Detention Center in Los Lunas, NM.  Bindues was charged with the following:

  • Sexual Exploitation of Child (causing or permitting to engage in act, under 18) (3 counts) (3rd Degree Felony)
  • Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor (3 Counts) (4th Degree Felony)

The names of the juvenile victim will not be released by State Police. This case is on-going investigation by the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau

State police investigate Balloon crash.


Bernalillo County– On June 26, 2021, the New Mexico State Police was requested by the Albuquerque Police Department to investigate a hot air balloon crash with multiple fatalities in Albuquerque, NM.


At approximately 7:34 a.m., New Mexico State Police officers responded to the scene located near Unser Boulevard and Central Avenue in Albuquerque, NM.

Upon arrival officers located five occupants, the pilot and four passengers. The pilot, identified as Nicholas Meleski (62) of Albuquerque, along with three passengers; Susan Montoya (65), Mary Martinez (59) and Martin Martinez (62) all from Albuquerque, NM, sustained fatal injuries in the crash. They were pronounced deceased on scene by the Office of Medical Investigator. One other passenger, John Montoya (61) of Albuquerque, NM was transported from the scene by emergency personnel to an area hospital in Albuquerque. He later succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased.


The initial investigation indicates the balloon descended towards the ground and struck an overhead power line. The basket became engulfed in flames.  The Albuquerque Police and Fire Department arrived on scene, extinguished the fire, and rendered aid.


The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigators were notified to investigate the crash. Inquiries into the cause of the crash should be made directly to the FAA.  


The New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau, Crime Scene Unit, Crash Reconstruction Unit and Aerial Drone Team assisted in the investigation.

Castles in the Snow

I’ve been writing for seventeen years and published eighteen novels. My latest book, Castles in the Snow, challenges my readers not only to decide who the murderer or murders are but why? This is my first series which is exciting. I hope that you will read my work and post a review on Amazon. I’ve included the link:

Synopsis for Castles in the Snow

Castles in the Snow, a Mystery/Suspense novel, simulates the real-life of my friend, Paul Lister, who was kind enough to allow the setting to occur inside his beloved 23,000-acre estate at Alladale, a European Nature Reserve and Trust in the Scottish Highlands. Although the story is riveting, while transitioning from Scotland to Charleston, SC, the added dimension of facts and actual events add to the allure. Within this 61,213-word manuscript exist the realities of a planet out of control as we over-forest, fish, and abuse her. Paul’s desire to lead the charge in repairing such problems has placed him on 60 Minutes and other prominent media sources. He hopes to return the wolf to a controlled environment inside his estate, which becomes a part of this book. 

   A tale of greed and hatred begins with the awakening of the beautiful Caroline. She is shackled to her bed as she realizes that she does not remember the events leading to her captivity. A battle controls her mind to understand three things: what happened to her beloved husband, who shackled her to the bed, and why. The young woman believes that her war of survival might save her life if she can remember these things.  

   Caroline Emma Corbett and Thomas Baxter Reid grew up inside The Battery of Charleston, SC. Caroline’s home resembled a white wedding cake and Thom’s pure gold. Hilarious tales of childhood love and betrayal weave into a beautiful tapestry of significant commitment and devotion to each other. After graduating from college, the two thought they would follow earlier plans and remain surrounded by those they loved. A nasty family lawsuit changes everything for them as they struggle to repair their tarnished reputations. Thomas begins to dream of another land. A place of snowy mountains, endless waters, and new beginnings. Together, they search the dusty family ledgers and diaries for pieces of their origins. As they discover their ancestral roots inside Scotland with tales of pirates and Vikings, they alter their plans-moving to Scotland and purchasing the beautiful 23,000-acre Alladale estate at Inverness. 

  With the progression of this story, the reader learns the terrible effects of deforestation and over-development on our planet—the young couple pledge to return the wolf and other endangered species to their beloved Alladale. Together, they vow to help the environment. Life is good, and dreams are fulfilled until the village people began to behave strangely. What is going on? Thom and Caroline question as most of the hateful acts appear aimed at the young woman.

   As Caroline awakens, a roaring fire inside the ancient fireplace greets her, as does a window gaping open over her head which allows ice pellets to sting her face. Such conflicting events make her wonder if someone attempts to aid or destroy her. She fights to remember what happened in the final hours before her imprisonment. 

  Slowly, her body shuts down when dehydration and starvation ravish her. Still, her mind struggles to recall what happened to Thom? The first time Caroline relieves herself in the cold bed, which she once loved, tears of shame stream from her dark eyes. With all sense of privilege and entitlement now stripped from her, soon, she no longer cares about such trivial things. Nothing matters, but what happened to her husband, and who did this? 

  On her final day of survival, a man tied to her past struts into the room. Robert Abernathy gloats at his great success in making Caroline suffer. He reveals that Caroline’s actions never caused his desire for revenge but something her mother did years earlier provoked his hatred. Before her eyes, one of the people she loves most in Scotland kills himself instead of following orders to harm her. When she thinks things can’t get worse, her dearest friend, Molly, stands before her in great distress. Tearfully, she shares that Thomas and her love, Malcolm, are both dead. Slowly, pieces of the unbelievable story of hatred and greed unfold. All of this is evil at its worst. At the same time, Molly explains all of this behind her towers, a figure. Is it Thom? Caroline grapples with seeing his face while maintaining composure so that she might avoid alerting her attacker. As this liberator grabs the smaller man, Malcolm easily snaps Robert’s neck and saves our protagonist from death. However, Caroline’s redemption is not from the actions of her beloved Thom but Malcolm, their friend. Thom lies at the bottom of the lake, where they once toasted “the good life.”

  Her husband’s sad ending reminds this exceptional woman, with a zest for life, that Scotland no longer carries the earlier allure—the wedding-cake house from her past calls. Sadly, Caroline returns to a previous love, Charleston, but a piece of her will remain in Alladale, and Thomas will always hold her heart.

Here is the link on Amazon:

Thank you. I hope that you enjoy my work.

Linda Heavner Gerald

Castles in the Snow

New Mexico State Police Narcotic Operation leads to 18 arrests in Bernalillo County

For Immediate Release

June 1, 2021

Bernalillo County- On May 19-20, 2021, the New Mexico State Police Crime Suppression Unit (street crimes south element) executed multiple arrest warrants in Albuquerque, NM. These warrants resulted from a three-month operation focused on the trafficking of illegal narcotics through social media platforms.

During the extensive operation, the New Mexico State Police Crime Suppression Unit identified 34 individuals selling illegal narcotics. Of the 34, Crime Suppression agents arrested 18 individuals. Those arrested were booked into the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque, NM without incident. More arrests are forthcoming.

As a result of this investigation, the New Mexico State Police seized a total of 3 pounds of Methamphetamine, 439 Fentanyl pills and 11 grams of Cocaine.

“New Mexico State Police will continue to target those who sell or are in any way involved in trafficking illegal drugs in this state” said Robert Thornton, Chief of the New Mexico State Police. “Large scale, long term complex operations like these are essential to help make our streets and communities safer.”

Our heroes are worth remembering !

Our country is far from perfect , but we have done some great and beautiful things , recently we all banded together and voted out a dictator in one of histories greatest mass vote movements , our country and the people are very strong and their hearts are good , yes we need to push reparations and make things right and yes we still have a lot of work to do in the fight against hate and fascism , but I will tell you; despite all the problems we have , the greatest stories and legends ever created were done by Americans in the trenches fighting to defend the land of the free and the home of the brave, and that is worth remembering .

Call for Tulsa Massacre Reparations

There have been so many injustices in this country, for some we ignore the injustices and move forward and for others we stop and we don’t move forward till the injustice is “ made right “ , some things need to be made right, especially what happend to the black community in Tulsa that was massacred with no justice found , this is a terrible terrible thing , and a great blemish on the fabric of our Nation, and it will not be made right till those innocent victims are repaid for the destruction done to them as they were trying to live a normal law abiding life , the blemish will not be removed until they are repaid, our country is the richest country in the world built on the backs of displaced Native Americans and African slaves , today is the day , now is the time , that all Americans , in good faith to your fellow man and country , must push to get reparations paid out of the overflowing coffers of this nation, reparations paid to the ancestors of those who have unjustly suffered at the hands of hate, we may not be able to give them the world like we would wish , but at least give them something, to show, that in America all have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and justice will be served , even in the form of a check , don’t rob these people of what they deserve , they were wronged and it needs to be made right , if this country doesn’t attempt to make these things right there will be racial tension and the ugly head of rascism will grow even worse as we have recently seen ,in a country so rich, let’s make things right , let’s move forward together ! I will pray to my god that he will soften the heart of this country and somehow bring justice to the victims of hate all across this nation , sometimes you have to apologize , sometimes you have to make things right , I hope we will find the strength to do so..

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I can never forget you .

In everything I do I can never ever forget you ,because once I do , I’m done , I am a prisoner of your mercy , I realize that in the end the world will fall away and the only thing that will remain is the bright light of your love and I just pray that you let me live my life as a weapon for your will , fortify me against the forces of darkness , against the wiles of evil , guide our minds and make our path straight , speak for us ,

Two websites that Kill Poverty.

With just two websites I’m going to change your life and possibly the life of New Mexico. Digital literacy is the quickest way to lift a state out of poverty because it brings immense value to the populace and the opportunities it brings can be done from a computer at home. People that know how to code are extremely valuable and can earn a very high income.However , the current status quo system wants a degree in computer science , but we have that covered , here are the two sites used in combination will change your world , (Free,pretty much ,degree)

These two sites give you everything you need to become a programmer and kill poverty.

Crime Rampant in Albuquerque, City needs Tougher Laws.

How would you feel if a trailer was taken off your truck in broad daylight?or your moving across country and all your possessions are simply broken into and driven into the sunset.These things happen everyday in Albuquerque, people who work hard for their cars and tools are constantly becoming victims of theft.

New Mexico is a beautiful and wild state, but it’s not a place for lax theft laws , in order for us to help lift the state out of poverty we have to prevent craftsman from having their property taken.

Some say that private prisons and the justice system profits off of crime which may very well be so but we must change our strategy in a way to where the community will profit from deterrence more than private or government profiting from crime occurrence.

There are many solutions , one is to hire more officers or to increase social programs , all which are good , however , an all encompassing solution would be extremely tougher property crime laws to deter theft.

What is your solution to Albuquerque’s crime problem?

Cherish Your Loved Ones

Be kind to all people and spend time with your loved ones and cherish them with all your heart ,no one can tell what the day will bring , the true treasures of life are not of the world and cannot be replaced ,wisdom is greater than gold and understanding greater than rubies how much more is the time with your loved ones or walking with god?

Our father had nothing to his name , but he drew a fish in the sand ,no great worldly possessions , but he said “ today you will be with me In paradise “ , how was the time spent with him ?we cherished him with thorns , but when he died , light defeated darkness ,life defeated death , good over evil and peace over war , the temple was rent in two , the dead walked the earth , and the good news spread throughout the earth that all men are saved , we cherished him with thorns.

How great did our father love us that he gave his only son that we may have eternal life in heaven ,

His spirit lives on in each and everyone one of us and I pray that in his name and spirit we cherish our loved ones every minute of our lives.


Roswell, NM – Dayton Lerma


Dayton and Celeste have been located and Lerma is now in police custody

The Roswell Police Department is asking the publics assistance in locating Dayton Lerma, a 2-year-old male, 2 feet tall, weighing approximately 26 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. Dayton was last seen on Tuesday May 11, 2021 in Roswell, unknown clothing description.

Dayton Lerma is missing and is believed to be in danger if not located. It is believed he is in the company of his mother Celeste Alvidres a 26-year-old Hispanic female. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall, 120 pounds with Brown eyes and brown hair.

Dayton and Celeste are believed to have been abducted by John Eric Lerma, a 29-year-old male who is wanted for murder. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall, 185 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair. They are in an unknown vehicle. They may be in the Hagerman, NM area.

Many details are still unknown and under investigation. However, of urgent concern is the whereabouts of Dayton Lerman and his mother Celeste Alvidres.

Anyone with any information regarding this New Mexico Amber Alert is asked to call the Roswell Police Department at (575) 624-6770 or dial 911.

Double Fatal Rollover Crash on Interstate 10 in Luna County

New Mexico State Police

For Immediate Release

May 5, 2021


Double Fatal Rollover Crash on Interstate 10 in Luna County


Luna County, NM – On May 4, 2021, at approximately 11:42 a.m., the New Mexico State Police investigated a single vehicle fatal rollover crash on Interstate 10 near milepost 109, east of Deming, NM.


The initial investigation indicated a 2006 Ford Expedition SUV, driven by a 36-year-old female from Texas, was traveling east on Interstate 10 when one of the vehicle’s rear tire sustained a blowout. The Ford left the roadway and rolled. There was a total of seven occupants in the Ford at the time of the crash. The driver along with two passengers, an 18-year-old male from Texas, and a 67-year-old female from Nevada, all sustained unknown injuries. All three were transported by Native Air to a hospital in El Paso, TX. Two other female passengers, a 28-year-old and a 70-year-old from Texas, sustained unknown injuries. They were both transported by emergency medical personnel to area hospitals. The 28-year-old was transported to a hospital in Deming, NM and the 70-year-old was transported to a hospital in Las Cruces, NM.


Two other passengers, Revy Mitchell (70) from Texas and Marvin Maxey (63) from Arkansas, were both ejected from the vehicle. They both sustained fatal injuries and they were pronounced deceased on scene by the Office of Medical Investigator.    


Alcohol does not appear to be a contributing factor and seat belts appear to have not been utilized. This crash is under investigation by the New Mexico State Police.


A.R.T Accidents regular occurrence

A failure from the get go the A.R.T program has been plagued with destroying businesses , electric busses that don’t work , and because of poor planning we now live with regular accidents up and down central because the busses are dangerously close to the burque drivers. Whether it was a money grab scam or something else we need to fix this A.R.T , a solution would be to place the busses on one side of the street and open up central medians to cross traffic again, but r even better get rid of the busses all together and put a train that goes under the intersections and stretches to Rio Rancho! Now that will bring added revenue , make it safer and connect Rio Rancho better, hey let’s go Albuquerque, let’s go train status !