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There is no Silver Bullet,Except God.

SEO Silver Bullet: Discipline is the Key to Search Engine Optimization

There IS No Silver Bullet Except God.

When it sets in it sets in beautifully, there is not silver bullet, you can read all the books you want about sales or this or that, and yes you’ll gain more knowledge and more skills, but there’s no silver bullet ,no “you’ll find yourself” and it will all work out, you’ll read the right book and your sales will increase , you’ll go to this or that and you get better, or on the other side is the what do i want to do with my self i must “search” for it ,the truth is , the silver bullet is there is no silver bullet, everything is matter of circumstance ,design .resourcefulness and creation,your mind is the pastel, the universe your canvass, your touch the brush, build on what you have,organize, plan grow, but remember, there’s no silver bullet, because you are the silver bullet.

Fine Print : If there is a Silver bullet, that would be Jesus Christ.

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