America Needs to balance wealth and power.

There is a multifaceted imbalance of wealth and power In this country that is fundamentally wrong.This imbalance deprives people the right to prosperity not only in the United States but all over the world. This imbalance is modern subjugation and is inherently evil. I love America , and I understand that this country didn’t start out on the best foot and has evolved and overcame lots of challenges. There is no other country and no other people in the world that can complete our next great revolution and that is to balance the wealth disparity of our country, which will solve many of our social ills and lead us into an age of peace and prosperity.The balance will also allow us to improve the environment.However , unless we can rally this system to balance the wealth that was unfairly gained from the beginning, we will always be at a disadvantage, and we will always have protest and riots and all the ills that come from greed and putting wealth and theft before people.This is the hardest task In The world , but I believe America can do it , and I believe with the love and peace and guidance of god ,we can create a new age of prosperity for all men and we can enter into a new age of global peace, but we have to unify with all people and become one with humanity;We have to not build walls and systems of subjugation and oppression but bring down the long historical walls of bias,prejudice,and oppression.


After a march in protest of police killing George Floyd , protestors rallied on central avenue in the heart of downtown and began breaking windows,lighting fires, and drink alcohol looted from nearby business.In a nearby apartment a trump supporter waved a trump pence flag and the bottom windows of his apartment were busted.APD responded after several minutes and began dispersing the crowd.

NM GOP Chair Steve Pearce Is Still Silent On Commissioner Couy Griffin’s Violent Remarks

A full day after news broke of Otero County Commission Couy Griffin’s claimsthat “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat,” New Mexico GOP Chair Steve Pearce has still failed to issue a statement condemning the remarks. So far, the New Mexico GOP’s only response has been a vague tweet that doesn’t mention Commissioner Griffin or the specific incident.
This is the latest in a string of violent or threatening remarks that Commissioner Griffin has made about political issues.
“This tweet is a weak attempt from the GOP to brush Commissioner Griffin’s comments under the rug,” said DPNM Chair Marg Elliston. “Violent rhetoric like this requires a clear and forceful denunciation, not a blanket statement made in a tweet. Chairman Pearce and all New Mexico Republicans should immediately join us in condemning these comments and calling for Commissioner Griffin’s resignation.”

Covid-19 Antibody test are needed to reopen state.

The coronavirus affects people differently, people of all ages can get it,some recover some die instantly.Most of the people that are getting covid-19 are from the ages of 30 to 79,The experts say the only way we can reopen is if we have mass antibody test and preferably vaccines , don’t support the idea of prematurely reopening the state without the proper systems in place.

New Mexico Republicans seek money over life.

New Mexico republicans recently published a plan to prematurely lift the stay at home guidelines protecting New Mexican Lives from Covid-19. To prematurely lift the shelter-in-place guidelines would put New Mexico In danger.New Mexico under the leadership of Governor Michelle lujan Grisham has gained national acclaim as leading the nation in implementing safety measures to fight covid-19.

Potential Cure For Covid-19

My research started when I saw how Tylenol is better than ibuprofen in regards to Covid-19.I began researching anti-inflammatory properties to see if the disease operates via inflammation or anti-inflammation.I found that doctors are using hydroxychloroquine as an anti-inflammatory but it has dramatic almost deadly side effects,they are also using azythromyasin to kill infection and bacteria.My conclusion is that the most powerful anti-inflammatory compound is CBD with the least side effects. So ,consult your doctor before making any changes but I believe that the best thing is High 1000mg epidiolex doses used in conjunction with azythromyacin.

*consult your doctor

Defense Production Act Needed Immediately!


The speed at which the coronavirus is growing will soon leave us in significant peril if the president does not enact the defense production act immediately. The defense production act allows the government to take over industry to make respirators and mask so that way we can be prepared when the coronavirus numbers grow. There is no more time to waste if we are to be prepared we need to pass the act now the virus is growing at an extremely fast rate and this administration is not doing anything about it. We must urge our government to pass the defense production act now!

Opening Up U.S. Before Containing COVID-19 Would be a dire Mistake.

The world health organization just reported that that without containing COVID-19 the United States could become the next epicenter of the coronavirus. Trump is beginning to indicate that he’s interested in opening up the United States economy. If the United States economy is opened up before fully containing COVID-19 the consequences could be devastating;Coronavirus would spread throughout the country unchecked further propagating its destruction.Most scientists agree opening up the US before containing covid is an unwise decision.

No chloroquine,No more delay!We need ventilators and mask now!

The world health organization says that Chloroquine Is unproven and can even hurt you. We can’t put ourselves at risk because politicians want to quick fix.

Do you know what state has the most advanced industry in the world,The administration needs to stop playing games And enact the Defense Production Act to mass produce ventilators and mask not only for this crisis but to be prepared for the future as well.

We cannot haphazardly open up the economy , we must quarantine, treat and produce ventilators and mask, reduce the virus and then open up the economy, american lives are more important that votes.

Trump closed the White House pandemic office, perpetuating the coronavirus crisis.

Before the coronavirus hit America Trump had cut funding and basically closed the White House Pandemic office. The office comprised of an admiral MD and a staff of 40 and had the mission of scanning the world to see where a pandemic might come from and working to mitigate a pandemic if they find one.

Without having the pandemic office to forewarn us America was side blinded by coronavirus.

Trump should be held accountable for this and step down from office.

Mortgages and rents should be paused if coronavirus causes quarantines.

Banks and landlords should pause collecting mortgages and rent due to shut down of the American economy and government induced quarantines.

Many people are laid off or hours reduced due to the coronavirus.

Lack of proper government response should be reason enough to allow delays in mortgage and rent payments.

If the president is going to offer any economic stimulus it should be to the industries that are cut back into those that need to pay rent and mortgages.

How to fight Coronavirus

1. Avoid unnecessary travel

2. Wash hands multiple times a day.

3. Disinfect commonly used surfaces

Below are links and information on how to properly fight Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is not like the common cold or flu,Be prepared!


The coronavirus is a super virus that is a lot more deadly than the common cold or flu.

It Seems as though the United States is not operating fast enough to contain this as with recent surprises in it’s multiplication and deaths in the country.

So far New Mexico has been pretty safe from this although reports say there are 30 people self quarantined in the state of New Mexico. Be Prepared.

Prepare for Novel Coronavirus Emergency.

Novel coronavirus seems to be getting worse,There’s a lot of conspiracy theories out there,but What’s was happening in Asia doesn’t seem to be a game. The virus has a 20% to 30% higher mortality rate than the flu.

Stock up on food for 2-3 weeks

Minimize handshakes


It’s seems as though the US is sleeping and things are getting worse, it’s better to be prepared and be wrong than not be prepared and it hits hard.

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