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All people are priceless !

All people are priceless in the eyes of the father, none are expendable ,whoever crosses your eyes is royalty just as you are and will be treated as such, for it is written “Love God with all your heart mind and soul and love your Nieghbor as thy self “these are keys to heaven , as quick as you can judge your brother is just as quick as he can turn and return to the father and be adorned with fine lenin and a ring placed on his finger , he loves the lowest amongst them more than the stars in the sky , he dwells in the hearts of those who walk with him , they are never forgotten , he never leaves there side , for it is written “ and lo I am always with you “ , just as the rejected stone becomes the capstone, so too he does with the lowest amongst them , for it is written “ today you will be with me paradise , “ just as he was lifted from death , so too are they.

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