Kamala Destroys Pence In VP debate

what we saw during the debate was truth vs lies. Many of pence’s rebuttals weren’t exactly truthful like when he tried to claim that Biden’s campaign consist of the green new deal which is untrue and Biden stated in the Presidential debate that his environment plan is the Biden plan. As for kamala, she did espouse the Biden administrative plan, which is actually truthful and good for America, so in this instance we have to say that kamala won that debate.

Review of Hotel Andaluz

The Hotel Andaluz has a great history as one of Conrad Hilton’s first hotels. It has great interior aesthetics in the rooms and throughout the hotel.If your a ghost lover the ghost hotspots are on the 4th floor , lobby and 7th floor. This is a great hotel and we rate it as one of the better hotels and New Mexico.

Major Victory For Gov.Michelle Lujan Grisham as NM Supreme Court Ruled she can fine businesses for not abiding by state Covid-19 regulations.

Many Trump supporters in New Mexico thought that they could go against the governors regulations regarding COVID-19; some of them even staged protest saying that A fine on businesses is unfair and closing down businesses because of COVID-19 we t against the rights. However in a sweeping victory the New Mexico State Supreme court ruled that the Governor could Levy hefty fines against businesses that disobey the COVID-19 protocols.

Trump Fails America in Covid-19 Fight.

The trump administration has failed America in fighting Covid-19. After first calling the virus a hoax as well as peddling a drug , hydroxychloroquine, which doesn’t work in fighting the virus , the trump administration whether willingly or unwillingly ,has left America in dire straits regarding the devastating disease.

Some say trump may be purposefully delaying treatment so he could make money off his hydroxychloroquine stock. Citizens question trumps motives when he was suggesting mask don’t need to be worn as well as when he requested the country reopen during the first wave , which left Texas ,Arizona and Florida with the highest covid rates in the country.

In contrast , New Mexico Governor Michelle lujan Grisham is one of the countries best leaders in the fight against Covid-19, along with New York’s Andrew Cuomo.

Trump Has Ruined America.

Just like all his failed businesses , one thing is for sure he’s has completely ruined America. In his greedy venture for wealth he placed profits before the health and safety of his country and now covid-19 is ravaging states and killing thousands of Americans. Americans were fed nothing but lies from trump and the current result is the country is in massive debt poor economy , highly defunded ,covid-19 running rampant, and to add insult to injury Russia has been found to have placed bounties on America soldiers and trump has done nothing to adress this.It seems as only racist are supporting trump.

Trump has failed America , with looming super powers eyeing our country ,we need a president who will restore the country to prosperity, rebuild alliances and defend our nation.



June 7, 2020

SILVER ALERT – Alamogordo Police Department– Thomas B. Balentine 

The following is information for the distribution of a Silver Alert from the Alamogordo Police Department. Please refer all media inquiries to the Alamogordo Police Department at (575) 439-4300.

The Alamogordo Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating Thomas B. Balentine, a Caucasian male, seventy-nine-years-old, six-feet-four-inches tall, weighing 240 pounds, bald and brown eyes. Mr. Balentine was last seen wearing a golf shirt, blue jeans, white tennis shoes, and a baseball cap. Mr. Balentine was last seen at 2:30 p.m., on June 6, 2020 at his residence located on Shadow Mountain Road in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Mr. Balentine is believed to be traveling in a 2001 white Ford F150 bearing New Mexico license plate 364TGK. Mr. Balentine is missing and is believed to be in DANGER if not located. 

Anyone with any information regarding this New Mexico Silver Alert is asked to call the Alamogordo Police Department at (575) 439-4300or 911.

Letter to The People of The United States of America

A President used to be a symbol of excellence of the highest ideas , a true leader of all Americans , a founder, a liberator,a warrior against all tyranny , the people would be humbled with honor when they would see a true president, their voice, their compass;but today is sad time in America,the people are led by a divider,a saboteur of our systems and great American values.Our great house, who has welcomed the greatest citizens our country has to offer,is now occupied by an ambition for the self , to destroy the balances of freedom for the profit of the few,to attack our speech ,our press,to blatantly lie to the people and remove us from the facts of reality,this country was built by the people,for the people and the people have given their lives for its future of freedom the people,our nation is on a trajectory of failure,the future of our country and the world is in the hands of the people.If we let go, we are letting go of all the things that has made this country the beacon of freedom throughout all the world.All the people of the great nation must stand and protest with every drop of blood they have for the future or this great Nation.We as a Divided America must get through this time and unite to ensure that the president who leads us is one who’s first and foremost priority is to honorably serve all Americans,to put our ideas,our values,and our moral and national constitution before all corruption and allegiances to anything other than our legacy and the only thing that keeps us free an undying and patriotic allegiance to the all citizens of the United States Of America.There is a betrayal,a betrayal that we are not being led for the benifit of a country for the people, but by a leader,of greed, disparity, inequality,bias,corruption and subjugation.Let all Americans unite and stand up in protest of this deviation in our path, and to work to regain our government and direct it towards the balanced prosperity of our country and our ideas of freedom, unity,honor and excellence for all.Our trajectory is faltering,and the times are challenging, but we are the children of the Delaware, and just like the bravery that happened then , we can express it again, our future is in your hands.

Stephen K Judy

America Needs to balance wealth and power.

There is a multifaceted imbalance of wealth and power In this country that is fundamentally wrong.This imbalance deprives people the right to prosperity not only in the United States but all over the world. This imbalance is modern subjugation and is inherently evil. I love America , and I understand that this country didn’t start out on the best foot and has evolved and overcame lots of challenges. There is no other country and no other people in the world that can complete our next great revolution and that is to balance the wealth disparity of our country, which will solve many of our social ills and lead us into an age of peace and prosperity.The balance will also allow us to improve the environment.However , unless we can rally this system to balance the wealth that was unfairly gained from the beginning, we will always be at a disadvantage, and we will always have protest and riots and all the ills that come from greed and putting wealth and theft before people.This is the hardest task In The world , but I believe America can do it , and I believe with the love and peace and guidance of god ,we can create a new age of prosperity for all men and we can enter into a new age of global peace, but we have to unify with all people and become one with humanity;We have to not build walls and systems of subjugation and oppression but bring down the long historical walls of bias,prejudice,and oppression.


After a march in protest of police killing George Floyd , protestors rallied on central avenue in the heart of downtown and began breaking windows,lighting fires, and drink alcohol looted from nearby business.In a nearby apartment a trump supporter waved a trump pence flag and the bottom windows of his apartment were busted.APD responded after several minutes and began dispersing the crowd.

NM GOP Chair Steve Pearce Is Still Silent On Commissioner Couy Griffin’s Violent Remarks

A full day after news broke of Otero County Commission Couy Griffin’s claimsthat “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat,” New Mexico GOP Chair Steve Pearce has still failed to issue a statement condemning the remarks. So far, the New Mexico GOP’s only response has been a vague tweet that doesn’t mention Commissioner Griffin or the specific incident.
This is the latest in a string of violent or threatening remarks that Commissioner Griffin has made about political issues.
“This tweet is a weak attempt from the GOP to brush Commissioner Griffin’s comments under the rug,” said DPNM Chair Marg Elliston. “Violent rhetoric like this requires a clear and forceful denunciation, not a blanket statement made in a tweet. Chairman Pearce and all New Mexico Republicans should immediately join us in condemning these comments and calling for Commissioner Griffin’s resignation.”

Covid-19 Antibody test are needed to reopen state.

The coronavirus affects people differently, people of all ages can get it,some recover some die instantly.Most of the people that are getting covid-19 are from the ages of 30 to 79,The experts say the only way we can reopen is if we have mass antibody test and preferably vaccines , don’t support the idea of prematurely reopening the state without the proper systems in place.

New Mexico Republicans seek money over life.

New Mexico republicans recently published a plan to prematurely lift the stay at home guidelines protecting New Mexican Lives from Covid-19. To prematurely lift the shelter-in-place guidelines would put New Mexico In danger.New Mexico under the leadership of Governor Michelle lujan Grisham has gained national acclaim as leading the nation in implementing safety measures to fight covid-19.

Potential Cure For Covid-19

My research started when I saw how Tylenol is better than ibuprofen in regards to Covid-19.I began researching anti-inflammatory properties to see if the disease operates via inflammation or anti-inflammation.I found that doctors are using hydroxychloroquine as an anti-inflammatory but it has dramatic almost deadly side effects,they are also using azythromyasin to kill infection and bacteria.My conclusion is that the most powerful anti-inflammatory compound is CBD with the least side effects. So ,consult your doctor before making any changes but I believe that the best thing is High 1000mg epidiolex doses used in conjunction with azythromyacin.

*consult your doctor

Defense Production Act Needed Immediately!


The speed at which the coronavirus is growing will soon leave us in significant peril if the president does not enact the defense production act immediately. The defense production act allows the government to take over industry to make respirators and mask so that way we can be prepared when the coronavirus numbers grow. There is no more time to waste if we are to be prepared we need to pass the act now the virus is growing at an extremely fast rate and this administration is not doing anything about it. We must urge our government to pass the defense production act now!