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Write Stephen K Judy in as Mayor of Albuquerque

I’m asking that you write me in as mayor ,I’m tired of seeing the city if Albuquerque taken advantage of by private interest ,these are the things I will do in response to gaining your favor :

Immediately work to hire 180 officers , increase wages incentives

Use real estate projects and renewable development to revitalize the international district and other underserved areas (make the south valley the city of Albuquerque?)

Create entrepreneurial programs and initiatives towards bridging the wealth disparity In our communities,

Create anti crime community involvement programs

Create extensive solar farm possibly to provide free energy in the city

Create extensive agricultural programs that are geared toward community and ending violence

I would completely demolish the A.R.T program and make central avenue a giant business friendly park that stretches across the city with a trolley that reaches to Rio rancho ,

I would improve our school system and make it safe for students to study.

I would work to provide more affordable housing

I would build a rehabilitative homeless tent city

I would create a massive street cleaning program

I will follow the best advisors and do what’s best for the long term interest of the city

Thanks spread the word , help me make Albuquerque a high tech modern city that will pave the way for the future , if we build correctly , then we’ll be able to build a major league stadium , but must take care of our city first and become prosperous, instead of small projects that ignore the real problems !

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