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Before you tell me how to drive can you protect my car ?

Albuquerque is a car town , in fact it’s a racing town (Unser Family)?, this town could be the next Indy 500 , add low riders and the dealerships and all the auto businesses , this is a car town , and you want to put up cameras ? I wouldn’t disrespect a car town like that , worry more about serious things like the criminals that are stealing cars in Albuquerque everyday , instead of going after kids and car guys , and racers who have a hobby and spend their time doing that instead of breaking the law, go after the thieves ,New Mexico has a serious problem of “leadership” stealing the people’s money for private “city” projects and crap making bad choices like putting up cameras , focus on what the people need like affordable housing and opportunities so people can follow their dreams , before you tell me how to drive can you protect my car like other cities? ?

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