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Teachings about violence

The answer to this question of slapping a comedian on national tv or invading an innocent country is In The teachings of Ghandi and Jesus and the Buddha , to understand with wisdom that violence is destruction and to abstain from it with all your heart and to treat your neighbor as yourself , these are the golden rules of the ancient ones , they should be protected and cherished like the flowers cherish the sun , they should always crash into the beaches of our minds , non-violence turns out to be a great strength we all know , only the strongest posses this , like the old wise man who saved the city when the warriors failed ,take heed all the dictators are filled with haughtiness and self centeredness forgetting humility ,creating tradgedy in the face of the humanity , defying God , forgetting whoever Judges , Judges God, All people are the children of The most high , the rewards of violence are death and sorrow the rewards of peace are love and life , may love and peace forever be painted across the canvas of your heart, love means you wish goodwill, peace and life for your neighbor, those who practice love practice the works of the father and the golden rule , the practice of light , when one walks with love they they are fulfilling what is written , wisdom is fear of god understanding is love of god , may your steps be shod with the fear and love of God , the alpha and omega who gives and takes away , humility will keep you in love and knowing the power of god will keep you wise..

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