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Duke City Times Exclusive: The Art of Reinord V. Whitt-Pritchette


Born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Englewood, Colorado, Reinord Von Whitt-Pritchette (who likes to go by Rein) started drawing at the age of 8 years old; he later became serious about his art at 28 and hasn’t stopped since. Rein was adopted at the age of 21 with the help of an old Colorado mining law, he did this because going into the Vietnam war he reasoned that if he died he wanted to die as a Pritchette the name of his adoptive parents, and so Pritchette was added to his name and he survived working as a radio operator in the Vietnam war (a very dangerous Job) allowing us to be blessed with his wonderful art today,

When I first entered the Whitt-Pritchette Studio I could tell that it was alive and industrious, pieces of canvas and wood laying around, different art pieces here and there, rein and his friend busily creating and delegating the task of the day, you get a feeling that your in a true art space. Since I’m in the News business I like visuals I like pictures, especially art, I asked Rein If he had any images that I could put up in his honor, what I saw was simply put compelling. Here’s a little of what I saw…



WEB.ARTImage_Odysseus-.w.TitleBlock-[ 375x279 ]

      As you can see this is the work of a true artist, when I asked Rein about his career as an artist I learned that he started out painting and then he went to drawing, and now he does what is called serigraphy which is a type of artistic silk screen work that is very complicated in working with. 

Rein is a Very Kind and somewhat gregarious individual, you can tell that he is a serious professional artist and that he cares very much about the link between Art and the community, not only is rein the type of artist that wants to better Albuquerque and the world with art, but he is also looking after artist in his work to strike a deal with the banking sector to better serve the artist community.

You can see Reinord V. Whitt-Pritchette’s work in the Albuquerque Museum of Art or at the Whitt-Pritchette Studios in the Heart of Albuquerque’s Gold District located at :

                                001.a-e_Mail_WPLogo-(150x63) ]  [2]                                        

                   105 Gold Street

                     Albuquerque New Mexico 87103


                       “Compelling..” – The Duke City Times

WEBImage_ArtClassAnnouncement-[ 761 x 500 ]

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