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Israel Continues to Attack Palestine!


As of this report the war between Israel and Palestine continues to rage, for the better part of a century these two countries have been in fierce battle and skirmishes, for some unknown reason, well there’s many different views, they cant seem to find a resolution and come to peace, with both sides vowing to attack and defend there honor, it is becoming an image that saddens the world, Is the world growing tired of seeing these two fight? Will there ever be an end to this rivalry? Can we build an “international zone” between the countries that accepts all nationalities to show them that peace is possible? With the scholars and politicians unable to solve this dilemma between these countries the only thing we can do is sit back watch them fight until one either loses or they just keep fighting forever, but one thing I can say, if there is a mediator/negotiator out there in the world that can make these two stop killing each other, he truly would be the greatest negotiator in the world!

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