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Let the statue of liberty Guide our Immigration Policy!!

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There’s a lot of talk about immigration these days,Helpless poor immigrants from Mexico fleeing economic and political corruption and Americans blocking them and arguing about who’s right, let them come or turn them away,Well here’s the truth about this situation and the solution. People in Mexico know that they must pay to become citizens but its pretty insulting to ask them to pay when they are all poor,besides Cartels and a corrupt government has made it to where the average hardworking Mexican national can barely even make it, that’s why they want to come here for a better life,Some don’t know the procedures,Its not like we drop flyers on there side instructing them on how to become citizens,ultimately they just come across the desert cause there desperate,and we turn them away,the humane solution is this,we should be understanding and humane about there situation,and not penalize them but take them to housing centers,where we can process them,granting the non-criminal citizens cards or citizenship and sending back the criminals,there not in a situation where they can afford anything,they are political and economic refugees fleeing a violent corrupt and terribly poor country to ask for money would be insulting,why should we do this? well here’s why! because under the statue of liberty there’s an inscription that says “bring me your poor,your outcast,your refuse,your downtrodden” we would all fight and die to protect the statue of Liberty,if you are unwilling to support and defend the inscription on the bottom of the statue of liberty then maybe you should just leave yourself!Second answer to why is this, America was built on immigrants from all over the world,and the the refugees coming from mexico are no different than the immigrant coming from Europe in the 1900’s,all this aggression against these people is pure ignorance and un-American,a true American would be willing to help them and figure out a solution that’s win-win,these people are hard working intelligent people,actually they are descendants of the Aztec culture which were the greatest innovators in mathematics astronomy and engineering as well as one the the greatest empires that ever existed, with streets of gold,If Canada was overrun by drugs and corruption and collapsed economically and people were getting murdered in the streets I don’t think people would say anything if Canadians were running across the borders? I believer its shameful to kick someone whose down,or to turn away someone who needs help,there’s a village in the middle east that saved US NAVY SEAL Marcus Luttrell when the Taliban was right about to behead him because they had a thousand year old tradition that they would fight to the death for anyone that came to there village and needed help,Marcus Lutrell went back and took the leader of that village to his ranch in Texas, that’s Honor,that pride, that’s how we should be that whats makers America strong, a coward would turn away poor women and children who made it to there shores,a hero would do the right thing and bring them on the condition that they work and make there way like the rest of us,finally in conclusion I want to say two things America,the solution for this immigration “problem” is to house them when they cross the borders,process them,turn back those who are criminals,and release the others,and two, remember this, a coward turns back women and children who need help,a hero helps them!

P.S. no matter who you are the quote at the bottom of the statue of liberty is not open for interpretation,it is what it says, and it means what it mean for all people,let the statue of liberty guide our path on immigration.

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