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Local Entrepreneur Fights For Civil Rights!

Acryforhelp  For over 15+ years Entrepreneur and Albuquerque resident Magdalena Romero has Been fighting For the rights of citizens in the city of Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico, her unique organization offers relief and support to not only victims of crime and domestic abuse but also victims of the judicial system. In these times of police abuse of power it’s reassuring to know that there are people who care for the common welfare of the under-served and disadvantaged in our community, It is a very honorable and courageous thing to be proactive in helping those in need. Without people like Magdalena the voices of the people would not be heard, without people like Magdalena corrupt officials would continue there abusive actions; founding her organization in 1995 and later restructuring it in 2010 A Cry For Help Inc. has been serving New Mexico for over 15 years, this organization is one a few in the state that gives power to the people and aids in providing essential oversight between the people and there local and state governments, The Duke City Times is honored to feature Magdalena Romero and all those that work with her at A Cry For Help Inc. and We would like to acknowledge her as one of the duke city’s Best of The Best, thank you Magdalena for serving the citizens of the Duke City!   

For more information about Magdelena Romero or if you are in need of services from A Cry For Help Inc, Please Visit:



                                                  or call

        Contact Number :  505-922-8788


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