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State Auditor Continues to Politicize His Office and Advance Partisan Interests


Albuquerque, NM– Despite recent concerns raised by local media about New Mexico State Auditor Tim Keller using his office to advance partisan interests, as well as recently violating the state’s open records law, Tim Keller is now hosting a fundraising event with Democrat Party bosses.  His overtly political actions once again call into question whether he is able to perform his duties as state auditor in an objective manner.

“The increasingly political nature of the State Auditor’s Office is a grave concern for fair and honest elections and non-partisan government, oversight and accountability,” said Pat Garrett, spokesman for the Republican Party of New Mexico. “Tim Keller was elected to protect taxpayer dollars, but his only interest seems to be advancing partisan interests and his own ambition.”

A recent fundraising letter lists Tim Keller as a host for the event along with other elected officials up for re-election next year.

The State Auditor has vast influence over the election process. His liberal political leanings and activism give rise to a conflict of interest as he prepares to oversee the elections.

“The impartiality and objectivity of the State Auditor’s Office has been called into question once again,” Garrett concluded.

The fundraising letter, which clearly shows Keller’s involvement in partisan political activities, is attached to this press release. Below is further background information on Keller’s recent missteps:

In April, The Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board Slammed Tim Keller For Jockeying For Position In The Next Election. “Yet this month both AG Hector Balderas and Auditor Tim Keller, as they jockey for position in the next election, have sent out emails not just scrounging for donations, but specifically asking either for money to knock Republicans out of office and keep and elect their fellow Democrats or to support ‘candidates who will join in our fight. …’” (“Editorial: New Mexico’s AG, Auditor Should Take High Ground,” Albuquerque Journal, 4/29/15)

On May 20th, The Associated Press Reported That The New Mexico Republican Party Has Asked The State’s Attorney General To Investigate The State Auditor For Breaking The State’s Open Records Act. “The Republican Party of New Mexico has lodged a complaint saying the state auditor violated the public records act by ignoring a request for his emails and other information.  … Balderas’ office says the complaint has been referred to his open government division for review.” (“New Mexico Republicans File Complaint Against Auditor Saying He Failed To Release Records,” Associated Press, 5/20/15)

New Mexico Political Report Correctly Stated That The Agency Had 15 Days To Respond To An Open Records Request To Be In Compliance With The Law— The New Mexico GOP Didn’t Receive A Response. “State agencies have fifteen days to respond to IPRA requests. On Wednesday, the Republican Party of New Mexico sent a letter to the Attorney General asking for action. In a press release sent to media on Wednesday afternoon, the party says it received no response from an IPRA request sent to State Auditor Tim Keller’s office on May 4. Because of this, the party sent a complaint to Attorney General Hector Balderas.” (State GOP Goes After Keller, Says His Office Ignored IPRA Request,” New Mexico Political Report, 5/20/15)

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