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Ebola Comes To America,But is contained,so far..

Image courtesy of the World Health Organization

Image courtesy of the World Health Organization

As the War on Ebola wages in West Africa fears heighten in the United States as infected doctors and nurses return from the battle. The United States has a really good medical system that can deflect and treat this type of medical epidemic however we do not produce the medicine to cure thousands of citizens if the outbreak was ravaging the United States leaving us in a semi-serious position. By waging the war on African soil were doing pretty good, but if it ever did spread, well things could get messy fast, Not cause any hysteria or anything, this is just a pretty serious topic. So as we stand today there’s been about 8 people who have returned from Africa to the United States with Ebola, one has died and we have it pretty much contained throughout the country, but we are precariously waiting to see if new outbreaks occur, stay tuned.

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