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Mayors Office leaves homeless in Limbo..

9.-Kjeragbolten-NorwayIt seems as though the city of Albuquerque is treating its most vulnerable residents like garbage that needs to be moved and moved, with the recent eviction of the “tent city residents” and with no proper homeless shelters the city has left this population of the poorest of the poor in limbo, you would think the mayor’s office or someone would at least make a year around shelter service or something mean theses are Americans with rights too, I just can’t believe that the homeless are being treated this way, where can they go what can they do? In this city if your homeless there’s really nowhere to go not even a shelter, you can’t go to the mountains you saw what happened to James Boyd you can’t sleep anywhere else you’ll go to jail, there’s no shelters, you can sleep on the side of the road, you’ll get evicted, what are they to do?

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