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True Duke City Hero: Rachel The Burrito Lady

By :Dennis L. Gray

Hi,  I know a good Christian lady who won’t let you stick your fingers in the food.  She is Rachel The Burrito Lady and she travels Albuquerque serving the homeless.  Every Sunday between four and five she can be found at 1st and Lomas serving a hot meal.  A motorcycle club and others volunteer to help.  After a short prayer she serves 50 to 60 homeless.  Good food that she prepares herself with love.  I have met people who are down and out and those who have just hit the streets, all seem to love the Burrito Lady.  One man showed up one day who had just been divorced and lost his job and home.  He was in great shape with his manicure and his perfect dress and haircut.  Along with us “never to fit ins”, he enjoyed a great meal.  People who sleep all over Albuquerque make a Sunday pilgrimage to the corner to eat.  She is stern but fair and will offer you many choices, like someone serving a buffet.  She is just about able to accomplish what she has set out to do, but I am worried about The Burrito Lady.  Rachel is doing alright but,  she surely could use some money and community support.  With her gloves on, serving till it hurts, there is no complaint.  A lot of people could learn how to enjoy helping others if they had her love and dedication.

Lets rally behind the good things here, of which she is one, and make this a better place to live for all.  Here is a poem about her…….
My Favorite Meal
I met a lady who serves us burritos.  If you ask the homeless, everyone knows.
She is all over the city, gracing Albuquerque, And she also serves us more than stew and turkey.
For seven years Rachel has served us hot meals,  In a van full of food and four fair wheels.
She saw people on Central searching the trash for food,  And turned our misery into a really good mood.
I see her once a week on Lomas and 1st, And every Sunday I conquer my hunger and thirst,
Then Like the others I disappear,  But I always hold The Burrito Lady dear.
Seven days without her makes one weak.  I’d love to walk over and kiss her on the cheek,
But she is happiest helping others with a meal.  I wish I could show her even better how I feel.
This article was written By Dennis L. Gray a Duke City Times Contributor
Dennis L. Gray
dennisgray dctcontributer

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