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THOUSANDS PROTEST AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY:Major Protest across america in the name of equal Justice for all.

Images courtesy of the Associated Press.

Images courtesy of the Associated Press.

In light of what has been questionable grand jury acquittals regarding the Micheal brown and Eric garner cases,Major Protest In the St. Louis and New York Areas Have been raging,they continue to grow as well,as of this report New York has been protesting for three days and growing in size,Micheal Brown and Eric Garner were two Black men who were killed by white officers in what many believe were racially motivated incidents.Citizens black and white across america seem to be fed up with a “stealth” culture of racism throughout the justice system and society in general and have taken to the streets. The Governor of New York and Even the President Of the United States have stated that America Has “Deep” racial issues that need to be resolved.The Americans that are protesting seem to be doing a good job bringing this to mainstream attention. In cities across america the Department of Justice is Looking into new police operating procedures.There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel,in the end the death of those two men won’t be in vain,and there may be a lot of positive changes to the justice system and society as well.

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