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As a local entrepreneur I have attempted many types of businesses in the Albuquerque metro area,most of my ventures were in the realm of online websites and blogs,over the years I have created a Vast empire of online websites and blogs,however many of them failed,as it was a learning process,and then coupled with my education in English literature from New Mexico State University I wanted to create a blog where I could just write,After making personal blogs and journals to no avail my journey suddenly blossomed into a site I just created on a whim called the DukeCityTimes.Com This site is my most prized online publication reflecting the beauty and culture found in Albuquerque New Mexico, The DUKE CITY!The growth of this online newspaper has exploded exponentially and is ever expanding into print! I don''t have enough man hours or time to handle the work alone and am always looking for people to help me write,edit,report,publish,its truly is the media publishing business at its best.So thats how it happened,I'm still an entrepreneur and I'm looking at starting other publications/ventures,but it all started with the DukeCityTimes.Com ! thank you and please stop by and visit us again! sincerely,
Stephen K . Judy

Taking America By Storm:Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire Primary,Americans From Coast to Coast Voting For Bernie Sanders

Fed up with FBI investigations,racist billionaires and Ivy league graduates bought out by the 1%,citizens all over America turn out in droves to Vote For Bernie Sanders.The 74 year old politician has struck a cord with his political practice of sincerely fighting for the people.Bernie Sanders Is the equivalent to a modern day George Washington,liberating America from corporations and billionaires that are corrupting the government and oppressing the people.Rarely has the country gravitated for such a candidate,at this rate Bernie Sanders Will Become president of The United States.All demographics are voting for Sanders,the youth are voting for sanders,the elderly,the blue collar and white collar,military and police,every level of the citizenry is voting for sanders nationwide.Sanders Promises,very sincerely,everyone loves him,that he will level the playing field for all Americans and the world as well as provide free healthcare and education like many modern European countries.It is expected that if Sanders becomes president,his policies will radically change the world for the better,Americans Nationwide are expected to continue flooding the polling stations until Sanders becomes President.

North Korea Test Fires Ballistic “Satellite Missile”:How Long Will The International Community Allow North Korea To Advance?

North Korea has test fired a ballistic missile against U.N. security Council Agreements.The North Koreans state that the missile put a satellite into space,no satellite was detected and the world knows that they are just advancing militarily.So here’s the Question How long will the world let this violent criminal nation that kills its own people advance?

With North Korea Hiding Behind china they just recently tested a Nuclear bomb and have now tested a Ballistic Missile.The international community is in an uproar,but will anything be done? Will we wait till a major city is bombed by the North Koreans?Will the world continue to be fooled and watch the North Koreans advance?

Whether North Korea Bombs a City or we have to stop them preemptively,We are going to have to think in terms of going to war as a last resort.This could be a good thing because we can renounce and default any debt we owe China If they help North Korea,But this could be WW3, We would have to recruit India for manpower and build massive coalitions to win,but we would win.We would have to win any current wars we are fighting and consolidate all fronts,but this is the dark reality,what are we going to do If North Korea Attacks one of the allies of the United States? We as Americans must be prepared,we must have our country in order,and we must always be ready for a major confrontation like this.North Korea is Like a child with a gun,you never know what might happen.As an American the best thing I can say is that good can arise out of this at a high cost,yes we will go to war,yes many lives will be lost,but in the end,we will liberate the people of North Korea,unifying all Korea as one,we will no longer be indebted to china,our country will be stronger and richer,the world will be a safer place,and we will be victorious.I hope and pray it never comes to this,but this is the reality we must face.

Sanders talks different politics

If you are tired of false political promises,if you really want to see something great happen in America,if you want to truley save America from the forces of injustice and corruption,vote for Bernie Sanders.Sanders makes the powers that be tremble,sanders is a true American hero,he’s the only candidate that will bring America back into the hands of the people,I would forecast that sanders is well on his way to becoming one of the greatest presidents that ever lived,my fellow Americans,for the sake of our country,please vote for Bernie Sanders.
-Stephen Judy

Volunteers Call For Bernie Sanders At a “Feel The Bern” Campaign Event.

The “feel the bern” campaign event,organized by volunteer organizer,Carly Poremba,got the word out by calling in Iowa in an effort to get people to the Iowa caucuses as well as to win hearts and minds.People at the event we kindly chatting with potential and existing Bernie Sanders supporters.Ms.Poremba busily aided the volunteers in a strategically planned operation.The Event was held In the Community Room of the new Unser /central Library.The room began to get filled with supporters as space to work became scarce.It was nice to see the community volunteering for what they believe in and we look forward to seeing more events in the future.

Los Lunas Insurance Agency Offers Big City Service,Hometown Feel



The Steve Kunkle insurance agency has opened up in Los Lunas! We went to check thing’s out and stopped by, what did we find? We found that this insurance agency offers high quality insurance but with a friendly hometown feel. All the staff are very nice and you get the sense that these guys are about quality and professionalism but also care about the community and the citizens they serve. If you are looking for big city insurance with a hometown feel, definitely stop by these guys, they are pretty much the best in town. As soon as we walked in we were offered candy, smile’s and coke’s, and all the staff were very nice, and the manager was very nice, they couldn’t have picked a better manager. If you are unhappy with your insurance or just want a change, stop by the Steve Kunkle Insurance Office in Los Lunas, you’ll be glad you did!

For More Information Goto: State farm-Steve Kunkle Insurance

The Peoples Right To Bear Arms Shall Never Be Altered,Minimized,Reduced,or Hindered

The American people must be able to bear arms to insure our freedom if the government turns against the people,this is our second amendment right.Taking away advanced weapons like automatic rifles infringes on this right,If the people only have hunting rifles and pistols and a potential rouge government has fully auto weapons,the people wouldn’t have a chance.What if the there are advances in technology and the government has Laser weapons that are unlimited in ammunition and the people only have conventional firearms?The problem isn’t guns,its multiple problems with society,like injustice,corruption,racism,and the like that cumulatively lead people to boil over.We should hold the politicians accountable to do their job and improve our society instead of taking away our ability to protect ourselves like our founding fathers intended.Politician’s need to bring peace to the world,end corruption,promote equality,and be stewards of all things good,instead of being disconnected from the people,this is what will end gun violence.How would we as a people know if the government turned into a dictator ship?if there was a slow decline and people began rebelling would the government outlaw weapons to quell the uprisings or pass “gun laws”? Our power is in numbers,with the same technology of weapons,at least personal weapons as the government.God forbid America should ever have uprisings on a large scale,or a tyrannical government,but the peoples right to bear arms should never be altered,minimized or reduced because of the actions of a very few or because of leadership ineptitude to lead us into a peaceful world.we must never hobble ourselves as a people to defend ourselves.The people may not have tanks and jets and aircraft carriers,but our strength is in numbers,and our right is to bear the same rifles as the military.This right shall not be infringed!God Bless The United States Of America!
-Stephen K. Judy

Great Coffee,Friendly Atmosphere,Uptowns Mocha Mug!


Are you looking for great Coffee and a friendly Atmosphere? Look no further than Mocha Mug! This shop is a little different, with a nice location next to the uptown Coronado Mall, This place offers Nice Mocha and most importantly a friendly hometown, books all around, type of environment. Mocha Mug is not your typical major coffee shop in and out, here you are family! It’s Place where you want to hang out and make you landing place when you are in the uptown area. Stop by! Try a mocha, we guarantee you can’t go wrong! For more information about mocha mug go to: MOCHA MUG

Have You Ever Experienced DG’s Deli?

DG’s Deli is a locally owned business that prides itself on providing quality food to the UNM area. For a number of years DG’s has supplied its patrons with delicious sandwiches made from only the finest quality Boar’s Head meats and cheeses. Favorites include the Green Chile Philly; a classic Philly cheesesteak with the addition of Hatch green Chile, and DG’s Italian grinder; a sub sandwich with a generous helping of salami, mortadella, prosciutto, and provolone plus fresh veggies and tangy Italian dressing. Located at 1418 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave NE DG’s is the perfect place for a savory and satisfying lunch. For a one of a kind Duke City dining experience check out DG’S Deli

Oil reliant New Mexico Hurting As The Price of Oil Drops,Why Not Solar?

New Mexico is reliant on the federal government and energy(oil,gas,minerals).Since oil prices are dropping due to more production the New Mexico State Budget is hurting,Why not get into the solar business!

In Europe many countries utilize solar energy and it has done wonders. If we build a huge solar plant in New Mexico,we could dramatically lower the price of utilities statewide freeing up more money for our economy.If we build a Giant solar plant we could maybe sell energy to other states!No matter what we do we need to find innovative ways to rely on ourselves instead of the federal government and we need to find additional sources of income for our state instead of oil.

Las Ristras Restaurant Offers Fine Dining,Exotic Location,Affordable Prices.


If you ever wanted to get out of the city for a while and eat some good food Las Ristras is the Place!Situated just a Little ways  into the Up Scale Area of Corrales,This restaurant offers all the amenities of Pricier restaurants at an affordable Price.Perfect for dates or just lunch,you can enjoy Great Food, Affluent atmosphere, Live Music and Most importantly great Prices.Based On Location,Service,Food,Price and Concept this place is a 5 star Treasure.Stop By we promise you wont be disappointed! For More information about Las Ristras goto: Las Ristras Restaurant

Have You Ever Experienced DG’s Deli?


From the Outside you might think DG’s Deli is another Deli,But when you get inside,you realize,you’ve discovered a Nostalgic treasure,that taste good! As soon as you walk in your greeted with friendly staff and a trip back to the past!Enjoy your meal under the likes of Jimi Hendrix or Audrey Hepburn.Located on Martin Luther King Blvd and Maple avenue,DG’s Is the perfect place to get away for a bite to eat.Get away from regular joints around the University Area and check out DG’s DELI,Truly One of the most Unique Restaurants in the Duke City. For more Information about DG’s Deli Goto : DG’s DELI


Check out Sinners and Saints Bar and Grill




Albuquerque, NM – If you want to check out a friendly bar,look no further than Sinners and Saints bar,it has all the amenities to  satisfy your more sinister wild party side as well as your saintly side if you just want to hang out, the perfect mix! Right next the The Dirty Burbon this bar is on our Albuquerque Hotspot list.For more information about Sinners and Saints Goto



Woman Says Metro Judge Was Rude,Indifferent and Unfair.

Albuquerque, NM– Michelle Aguilar Says that when she went to Court to respond to a lawsuit from a refrigerator repair company that did a bad job, The Judge, Judge Daniel Ramczyk totally disregarded her case, failed to hear her witnesses and disregarded any evidence she may have. Ms. Aguilar did have pictures of shotty work, the repair man attempted to fix some broken Styrofoam with a toothpick. Along with other pictures of a messy job and as well as a contract that wasn’t Signed and the testimony of three contractors that said the work performed was unnecessary or faulty, the judge didn’t hear any of the evidence. Ms.Aguilar feels she has been wronged and wanted to appeal the judgement, but when she went to file an appeal there was no records in the file. Some say we should audio record every hearing as in California, maybe it would make things better for all parties involved. We tried to contact the Judges office but were unable to get interview.

Duke City Times Features New Mexico’s Most Wanted Fugitives brought to you by Gerald Madrid Bail Bonding

madridbailbonds2016 is now featuring a new section titled New Mexico’s Most Wanted Courtesy of Prominent Businesses man Gerald Madrid and Gerald Madrid Bail Bonding. The new site features all the most wanted fugitives from different agencies including Local, State, and Federal law enforcement agencies. This new website will be the premier site for alerting the public of amber alerts and notifying the public about critical case solving information, vehicles and persons of interest. We would like to thank Gerald Madrid bail bonding for sponsoring this site and Gerald Madrid for his commitment to New Mexico. You can learn more about Gerald Madrid Bonding at

Rep. Paul Pacheco Pre-Files Legislation to Keep Repeat DWI Offenders Off of the Roads

Santa Fe, NM – Legislation that would toughen the punishment for repeat drunk drivers who continue getting in the driver’s seat when their licenses have been revoked or suspended as a result of a DWI conviction was pre-filed today by Rep. Paul Pacheco.

The bill, HB 81, would add a fourth-degree felony to a DWI charge when the offender is charged with a DWI while driving with a license that had already been revoked or suspended for a prior DWI offense.

“It’s not enough to suspend the licenses of repeat DWI offenders,” Pacheco said. “Even with a suspended license offenders are still getting behind the wheel. This bill will protect our families by creating a harsher punishment aimed at keeping offenders off of the roads.”

If passed the bill would also toughen the penalties for those who lend their car to someone with a revoked or suspended license due to DWI.

Democrats disagree with Martinez budget proposal.

 DPNM Statement on Gov. Martinez Budget

Albuquerque, NM – Democratic Party of New Mexico executive director Joe Kabourek released the following statement after Gov. Susana Martinez’s release Tuesday of her budget proposal:

“While we appreciate the Governor’s new interest in core Democratic programs like early childhood education, this budget does nothing to address the real issues facing our state: We are last in job creation and first in poverty.

“What’s more, Gov. Martinez has said absolutely nothing about plans to address the rampant corruption and ethics violations that have plagued her Administration. Until we address the culture of corruption in the Martinez Administration, no budget proposal will be able to take us from the being the worst-run state in the country to being the thriving economy that New Mexicans deserve.

“Further, Gov. Martinez’s Administration has made mistake after mistake in dealing with the federal government and that is costing New Mexico taxpayers millions of dollars. Does the Governor’s budget include the $16 million the state owes the federal government for her Administration’s Medicaid errors? Does it include funding to address the alarming gap in special education funding?”




0101516 – Martinez Budget Response

Representative Nate Gentry Pre-Files Legislation to Keep New Mexicans Safer from Violent Repeat Criminals


Representative Nate Gentry Pre-Files Legislation to Keep New Mexicans Safer from Violent Repeat Criminals


“Jaydon’s Law” will provide judges with a full picture of defendants’ criminal histories during bonding and sentencing. 


Santa Fe, NM – Today, Representative Nate Gentry pre-filed “Jaydon’s Law,” legislation to ensure judges have access to the full criminal histories of violent offenders.


Current law prohibits judges from considering the juvenile record of an adult offender during bond and sentencing decisions.  Jaydon’s Law would change the Criminal Procedure Act to allow judges to review an adult defendant’s prior record as a youth offender.  It will also give judges access to other information, such as evidence presented during past hearings for youth offenses.


The bill would not apply to juvenile offenses committed prior to the age of 14 or to juvenile delinquent offenses.  It is targeted specifically at older juveniles found guilty of committing serious violent youth offenses such as second degree murder, aggravated battery, and rape.


“Some criminal defendants have committed multiple violent crimes as juveniles.  Currently, judges don’t have access to these records,” said Gentry.  “Jaydon’s law would allow judges to view a defendant’s full violent criminal history when making sentencing and pre-trial release decisions.  Passage of this bill will keep violent repeat offenders off our streets.”


The bill is named for Jaydon Chavez-Silver, an Albuquerque teen who was gunned down during a drive-by shooting while he was attending a house party.  Nicole Chavez, the mother of Jaydon Chavez-Silver, issued the following statement on Gentry’s bill:


“I would like to thank Representative Nate Gentry for pushing positive changes in order to have a safer state to live in.  Jaydon’s Law will give judges a true view of the offenders entire criminal history regarding violent crimes. This bill will allow judges to have the entire picture when making important decisions and help keep violent criminals off of our streets. I will never have Jaydon back, but Jaydon’s Law helps leave a great legacy behind regarding positive changes to the State of New Mexico in his name.”


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