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Fixing our Justice System:Attorney,Decorated APD Police Officer and Local Citizen Vow’s To Bring Leadership and balance To The Bernalillo County District Attorneys Office.

Edmund “Ed” Perea Knows the Streets Of Albuquerque,As a Gang task force officer,Unit Supervisor,Graduate of The FBI national Academy and assistant Prosecutor for the 13th Judicial District,if anyone know how to reduce crime and bring balance to the DA’s Office,Its Ed Perea. Bernalillo County needs a well rounded District Attorney that can honorably bridge the gap between the scandal ridden Albuquerque Police Department and a questionable District attorney’s office;Ed Perea is that man.

Ed Perea is a former APD officer, that has worked  as a Unit supervisor as well as a member of the hardened APD Gang Task-force,Not only has he risen from the ranks But he is also an attorney and someone who knows the city well,not just another pencil pusher in a suit.The challenge for Mr.Perea will be if he can make Un-biased decisions regarding  the public,the DA’s Office,and the Albuquerque Police Department.If He is successful,Albuquerque Has the Best Candidate for the Office.A candidate that knows the streets,the Law, and the issues that challenge our community.

Right now the City is at war,crime is high so is corruption,families are caught in the middle,leaving them embittered at police doing there job,people breaking the law,and corruption fueling a viscous cycle;It would take a special person to break this cycle and bring organization to the county.

The Duke City Times is proud of being the Voice of the People.We only select The very Best.We feel that if Ed Perea can overcome the political infighting between APD and the DA’s Office,and Bring in balance,leadership and stability,then he is by far the best candidate for the Job and would do wonders for our Beloved Duke City,therefore, we gladly Endorse Mr.Perea As our Next Bernalillo County District Attorney and wish him all the best in his campaign!



“Ed Perea is the only  candidate the can bring true Leadership and Balance Between APD and the District Attorney’s office,thus unifying the agencies and make our community safer. ”

-The Duke City Times


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