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Large number of businesses along ABQ’s central corridor disapprove of A.R.T plan– law suits filed.


Image Courtesy ABQ Free Press

Businesses on Albuquerque’s central corridor thrive off of passing automobiles and the customers they bring.   Many locals say that reducing the number of lanes on central and replacing one with a dedicated rapid transit system, replaces consumers passing in their car  with others who will remain on the bus for their commute to/from work and school.  Nob Hill specifically has been known to attract people who drive from all over the city to visit its eclectic and eccentric shops, bars, and restaurants.   Unfortunately, A.R.T isn’t connected to Rio Rancho or any other part of the city and these people come from affluent cities all over the state to spend their money, and they travel by automobile.  A.R.T would destroy this market, as the majority of its users would be students and people trying to get out of the sun.  A.R.T could spell a disaster for the central corridor– it is not a real light rail system, and it does not go under intersections at major crossroads.  This could have a devastating effect of local businesses, so who would be responsible?   With so many businesses in disagreement, the city seems to be carrying on with a blind eye, almost disregarding the will of the people, its seems as if the powers that be are more interested in their lofty egos than in what the people are saying. If A.R.T was a real train, kind of like the one on Tingley but better, went under the streets and connected Rio Rancho to the central corridor then it would be great! But that’s not the plan and for $80 million dollars is it worth it or is it a sham?$80 million dollars to run a bulldozer down central and create a middle lane and then put a bus on it and call it rapid transit? I could bulldoze central with a Bull-Dozer for a million, paint strips on it for another million and buy 6 busses for 3 million, where’s all this money going? What officials and what private companies are involved in this project and whose hands are in whose pockets? This sounds like another New Mexico take money from the people sham and the only other problem here is the businesses will feel the pain when they take out those lanes, sorry to say, but doesn’t seem like A.R.T is good for the Duke City , either is whoever came up with this idea.




different type of populace that won’t buy products

different type of populace that won’t buy products





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