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Solar Energy: the cancer-reducing gold rush

New Mexico is filled with a lot of sun and a lot of land.  What would be in the best interest of its citizens is to pass laws that allow flexibility when it comes to off-grid living and, you guessed it, solar energy.  The next gold rush is upon us and if we are smart we will embrace it and revitalize our state and the state it’s in.   Let’s say “screw the oil companies” and invest solely in solar technology.  This will help the planet overall by:

Ridding the Duke City and others of smug, thus reducing cancer and other ailments.

Ceasing the war on oil overseas and reducing the cost and demond for oil in general.

Putting more money in the pockets of the 99%.  Less money spent on energy bills and gas equals more money they’ll be able to put towards education, healthcare costs, other bills, or other markets in the economy.

Helping to slow (and hopefully stop) global warming.  Shall we go through all of the wonderous effects this would have on the planet?

Solar technology is the new gold rush.  It can replace and even create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and ventures, but it can only happen when every state makes the big move.  For now we are hindered by our reliance on oil, but eventually we will either be forced to make a change or we will suffer the concequences of our refusal to change.  Spread the word!  We cannot sacrifice our planet and our lives just because we love the history of the oil industry and how it has helped America boom.  The oil industry is an old,  slowly dying dinosaur, and soon will become ancient like the fossil fuels it is taken from.  The time has come for us to make a positive impact on our planet, to improve, and to let outdated technology go to bed.  Wake up to the sun!  The solar age is upon us and we should embrace it.

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