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New non-profit organization seeks to be the voice of New Mexico


The Voice Of New Mexico, a new non-profit organization, has a vision of looking out for the people of the Enchanted State, keeping their best interests in minds, and even going so far as to putting money back into their pockets.  Too often do we pay taxes that are distributed unfairly and unethically, and it is about time to start making things happen for the other 99% of the people and no longer for the rich and powerful.  Our goal is to represent everyone through a fundraising that realigns our priorities and creates projects that benefit the people who need it the most.  We must rally our voices collectively so that we have the power again.  This power will fuel the city, feed the hungry, and reestablish our economy.  We believe through this organization that we can put money back in the pockets of the 99%, fight political corruption, and fight the exploitation of our people.  It is time to redraw the lines between the poor, the rich, and the disappearing middle class. This organization is dedicated to the people of New Mexico.  This is our state.  Our voices will be heard!


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