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Are Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton even worthy of YOUR vote?


The word Vote on a red ballot box for collecting votes and ballo                    Many of us are not so sure. While we don’t want another corrupt politician in office, Trump seems to be taking notes straight out of Hitler’s playbook. “Let’s make Germany great again…let’s rebuild our industry… no Jews!”  Hitler was vicious in attacking any opposition, as is Trump.  It seems all politicians are crooked, and here is the truth on the matter– Clinton would certainly carry out the status quo of the .01% ruling America by sending jobs overseas and essentially oppressing and exploiting the American people by allowing no chance for upward mobility.  If push came to shove, at least she would also have Bill for some stability and our hopes would then be that we’d simply carry on for the next 4-8 years.  With Trump? Yes, the country could become stronger economically and yes, a lot of great things could happen, but racism would explode furthermore.  According to the Washington Post and other outlets, Trump is a racist, the vast majority of the .01% is racist, and to sum up this election we can either continue the status quo of corporate corruption or throw a racist slant on it… but is there a lesser of two evils?  They are both terrible candidates and some are wondering if maybe we shouldn’t even vote.  Who knows, maybe this is all a joke and something good will happen and Johnson or Sanders come back to the table. Until then, start taking yoga and meditation because you’re gonna need it.


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