Thousands Protest Donald Trump Rally at Albuquerque Convention Center:

The people of The Duke City express their disapproval of Trump in mass protest.

Thousands show up to the Albuquerque Convention Center to protest Donald Trump’s visit to New Mexico.


Out of all the presidential rallies in New Mexico, this one in particular seemed to attract the most.  Why? So many of our citizens disagree with Trump.  People were chanting “no hate in our state” amidst other clever things.  It seemed there were more people against Trump outside than there were entering the convention center to see him.  Many of those interviewed felt Trump was racist and heartless. What is your opinion?


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9 replies

  1. Saw your trash citizens on TV..what a great group of ignorant idiots

  2. It’s amazing that these idiots destroy police cars and never harm the welfare office.

  3. Time to upgrade the microphone bro. I was hoping to hear some brilliant thoughts by the protesters. Instead I will just imagine they said something like this:

    Trump is a financial failure as he filed for bankruptcy a few times. So what everything else he touched turned to gold…He has a net worth of 10billion, but that was completely on accident…He’s racist although I can’t tell you why

  4. Mexican flags should be waved in MEXICO by MEXICANS, not in AMERICA by ILLEGALS!

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