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Duke City Times publisher speaks on Trump protest in an interview with radio show and news website INFOWARS:



While at the “No Trump In America” rally, an organized protest during Donald Trump’s visit to New Mexico, Duke City Times publisher Stephen Judy was interviewed by a reporter for Alex Jones’ radio show and news website INFOWARS.  Judy spoke about the gross injustices that are happening in American politics and how they affect our community and the rest of the country.  Much of our aggression has been focused on Trump mainly because of his unending racial comments and his mannerism similar to those part of an oligarchy.  When the video was published, Judy was surprised to see himself labeled as a “Local Socialist Reporter” and has since then stated that it doesn’t bother him but he would like to make it known that he does not consider himself as such.  Instead he views himself as an independent reporter that truly cares about the overall well being of the American people and what is in the overall best interests for the people in his hometown of Albuquerque.

In his statement to Duke City Times reporter Josh Foster he commented, “It’s funny they labeled me like that.  Maybe it was just the environment, the context that I was reporting on, and the rioting… I wanted to make known the injustices being done.  I wish that the reporter would change the title, but all in all it doesn’t matter.  I know who I am, I fight to be the voice of my people and they know that…that’s all that matters.”

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  1. sure we are the majority of the people don’t like what these election stealing ,woman hating,congress buying politicans and corporations are doing.are you on the side of the people or on the side or racist billionaires and corporations destroying america and the world?

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    • Why do you fail to notice that the worst of the government corruption (stealing elections, encouraging the sending jobs overseas, destroying America) you list has been in the last 8 years (i.e., the Obama years) and that Clinton is among the rich individuals responsible for this corruption, at least as much as Trump? If you believe Trump is guilty of corruption, then you must also believe Clinton is guilty as well. She is even more guilty than he is — after all, she has been doing this longer and has been more involved with federal government. But I don’t see any protesting like this against Clinton. Just selective haters?


      • Nafta started with Clinton, I agree with you that hillary is just as bad as trump if not worse,I dont agree with you that trump started outsourcing that was Bill Clinton,Trump has good ideas,however,He has horrible character,a person Like trump isn’t worthy to sleep in the White House,if trump wasn’t racist he would be a great president,but hes racist and that voids everything,he is a lowlife,not worthy of the white house and hes also a crook,Trump University..so yea there you go..


  2. well compared to someone like trump who wants to “racially profile” exclude muslims from entering america and is just pure racist,we are the voice of the people!


    • You have such a limited view of the political scene in this country. It is much more complicated that just one issue. You need to look at the entire scope, not just one part of it (regardless of how important a part it may be).

      No matter all the negatives about Trump, there are even more negatives about Clinton. Even worse, Hillary deliberately deceives those who support her too. An sharp example is that she claims to be a feminist, but blames the German women for being raped by Muslim males in Europe. So ladies, where do you think you’ll rate with Hillary as Muslim rapes continue to increase in America? But don’t worry — she’s great at double-talk to appear like she’s behind you while she is ignoring your needs.

      Another example is that she likes to criticize and complain about all the “elitist rich” and what they want and how they act. Unfortunately, Clinton fails to consider that she is also one of the “elitist rich” and acts EXACTLY like those she feigns contempt and criticism against.

      She is what she claims is one of the worst wrongs in this country — those who consider themselves above the middle and lower classes, who look down on the every man who built this country, who strip the average Americans of their safety, their dignity, their ability to pay their bills, and their prosperity. She should be honest and strive to avoid being hypocritical, instead of lying, cheating and doing anything she can to keep a tentative grip on power and money.

      She only concerns herself with what you can do for her at the moment….just like almost all politicians. After all, how many career politicians are from humble roots of mid-America and aren’t wealthy and getting richer from the ordinary Americans? How can she represent the common man when she truly knows little of our struggles? Simple answer is that she CANNOT.

      What does Hillary know of adversity? I don’t recall her being overly unemployed or living month-to-month on food stamps as the daughter of a prosperous store owner in a picturesque suburb of Chicago with small-town charm among its churches, library, uptown shopping and art community. I don’t recall personally being discriminated against or oppressed as a woman. She has had an upscale education at Wellesley College and Yale Law School. From their she practiced law and got married shortly before Bill became governor of Arkansas. She has always been and acted as someone entitled. She will not think of you when she can think of herself first.

      Everything she does is an extension of her attitude that she is better than everyone else and that laws and rules don’t apply to her and her husband. They mock and condescend 99% of the oblivious people they pretend to represent. And they do this simply to get the all the voting support needed to maintain their power and wealth, not because they care about anyone or anything else.

      Rest assured that there is nothing, no one and no class in America that she won’t turn on if she has a reason or believes it might endanger her elite position and undisputed authority. Both Trump AND Sanders may problems, but at least they are less offensive to our sensibilities and 98% of Americans’ lives. I can think of many positive things to say about BOTH Trump AND Sanders, but nothing positive to say about Clinton objectively and logically. She has worked hard to become a career politician and look out solely for herself and this will NEVER change. This is why she should not be President EVER.


  3. Your right,She should never be president,the people really want Bernie Sanders,however,despite her crookedness’ she’s still alot better then turning America into nazi Germany the way trump wants to,so its better to have a crook,than a Hitler!


    • Major disagreement there — Trump isn’t close to Hitler, but Clinton is heavily leaning toward Lenin and Stalin. And I’ve got the government trying to take enough from me already that I’ve earned to give to people that just have their hand out for free stuff without being willing to work for it. I don’t mind helping people who are willing to help themselves, but I resent people thinking all my hard work is just to give to lazy, unappreciative people who think they are entitled to the fruit of my labors. Screw that…that is why our welfare system is so broken. Trump can’t take back the things that already have been given so no danger of him being like Hitler, but Clinton can keep giving more of my life’s efforts away.


  4. Hillary is a complete crook 100%,she stole the election, she works for the 1%,her foundation steals, and she can’t even handle emails let alone the presidency, she was fired as a lawyer for being immoral, but in no way is Trump qualified either, having money doesn’t qualify you to be the president, trump has made many racist statements, he’s made many misogynistic statements, he’s not a good example for children, he been bankrupt many times, he fraudulently ran a fake college, and he’s made some very unstable statements, trump would plunge us into turmoil, debt and war. If you think trump is a good candidate your crazy basically buying his voters you know that right, anyway, the choices are not good, but if we must vote, it’s Hillary, why? because she has Bill and he’s a better president than both put together, so yeah and despite the corruption we know we will be stable and safe, with trump an egocentric racist Hitler type that would probably cause world war 3.You know that’s the truth..


    • I completely disagree. Trump fails on a personal level with his comments, but Clinton fails on a personal AND a federal level. And that IS why we are voting — not on the kind of person they are, but the kind of politician they are. Trump may be a bad person, but Clinton is pure evil and makes Trump look like a jaywalker compared to her being the anti-Christ.


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