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Fight City:Albuquerque, New Mexico And it’s Legacy of Producing the Worlds Greatest Fighters.


Albuquerque,New Mexico is a beautiful city filled with alot of history and great people;But it also is a very tough city,probably pound for pound one if the toughest cities in America.With names like Jon Jones,Holly Holmes,Diego Sanchez,Danny Romero,and Johnny Tapia and Carlos Condit, Albuquerque is ground zero for producing the world greatest fighters.If you want to fight and be trained by the best trainers in the world ,you come to Albuquerque;fighting is in this city’s blood.Blame it on its diverse population,Blame it on the wild nights,Blame it on the green chile,but something has created the perfect storm here for America’s MMA/Boxing industry and it will be here for as long as is city stands,oh and its been standing for over 300 years as one of America’s oldest cities.So put up your Dukes For The Duke City,Americas Premier Fight City!

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