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“Fake Rapid Transit” System will Hurt Albuquerque’s Central Corridor

The proposed “Rapid transit” plan for Albuquerques Central Corridor is a complete Joke and could hurt the Cities economy even more,Here’s Why:

1.Its not a real light rail or mono rail system,It’s just a bus with covered wheels,it doesn’t even go under intersections so it will stop at every street just like a regular bus.

2.who’s doing the landscaping ,construction,i’ll bet you its family or friends of local politicians.

3. The central corridor thrives off of automobile traffic,I could see how the plan would work it there was another light rail train connecting Rio rancho and central,but just central alone will actually hurt businesses by reducing customer automobile traffic.

The “fake light rail” plan is just another scheme for city politicians to milk the people,its not a real light rail,it doesn’t doesn’t direct customers from other areas to the central corridor and its not a good plan,if it connected urban neighborhoods better and was a real light rail yes,and if we could have the people build it not the families of politicians yes,but as it stand now,NO! It will hurt business mark my words,and then they’ll change it again to hurt your business and steal from the people again,vote NO on “Fake light rail”!

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