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As a local entrepreneur I have attempted many types of businesses in the Albuquerque metro area,most of my ventures were in the realm of online websites and blogs,over the years I have created a Vast empire of online websites and blogs,however many of them failed,as it was a learning process,and then coupled with my education in English literature from New Mexico State University I wanted to create a blog where I could just write,After making personal blogs and journals to no avail my journey suddenly blossomed into a site I just created on a whim called the DukeCityTimes.Com This site is my most prized online publication reflecting the beauty and culture found in Albuquerque New Mexico, The DUKE CITY!The growth of this online newspaper has exploded exponentially and is ever expanding into print! I don''t have enough man hours or time to handle the work alone and am always looking for people to help me write,edit,report,publish,its truly is the media publishing business at its best.So thats how it happened,I'm still an entrepreneur and I'm looking at starting other publications/ventures,but it all started with the DukeCityTimes.Com ! thank you and please stop by and visit us again! sincerely,
Stephen K . Judy

Is our Society Broken?


It seems as though in the past year or so there have been many stories of police abusing and killing what seems to be mostly African-American citizens.At first it seemed as just an isolated incident but now as the days progress,more and more stories are showing up in the media.

We at the Duke City Times are asking is our justice system broke? Is our society broke?do we have stereotypes and a status Quo to maintain that has reduced our police to attacking African American’s and African American’s being found  situations with the police,it possible that its not the police’s fault and its not African Americans fault,its all our fault,its Americas fault,whether we create strict laws that prevent abuses of power or we change our society to get rid of theses hidden discriminatory practices,this must stop,it must not carry on,the people of America cannot sit by and watch this go on,we have some serious question to ask ourselves,and for now lets just hope that peace may rest over the land.

Mayors Office leaves homeless in Limbo..

9.-Kjeragbolten-NorwayIt seems as though the city of Albuquerque is treating its most vulnerable residents like garbage that needs to be moved and moved, with the recent eviction of the “tent city residents” and with no proper homeless shelters the city has left this population of the poorest of the poor in limbo, you would think the mayor’s office or someone would at least make a year around shelter service or something mean theses are Americans with rights too, I just can’t believe that the homeless are being treated this way, where can they go what can they do? In this city if your homeless there’s really nowhere to go not even a shelter, you can’t go to the mountains you saw what happened to James Boyd you can’t sleep anywhere else you’ll go to jail, there’s no shelters, you can sleep on the side of the road, you’ll get evicted, what are they to do?

True Duke City Hero: Rachel The Burrito Lady

By :Dennis L. Gray

Hi,  I know a good Christian lady who won’t let you stick your fingers in the food.  She is Rachel The Burrito Lady and she travels Albuquerque serving the homeless.  Every Sunday between four and five she can be found at 1st and Lomas serving a hot meal.  A motorcycle club and others volunteer to help.  After a short prayer she serves 50 to 60 homeless.  Good food that she prepares herself with love.  I have met people who are down and out and those who have just hit the streets, all seem to love the Burrito Lady.  One man showed up one day who had just been divorced and lost his job and home.  He was in great shape with his manicure and his perfect dress and haircut.  Along with us “never to fit ins”, he enjoyed a great meal.  People who sleep all over Albuquerque make a Sunday pilgrimage to the corner to eat.  She is stern but fair and will offer you many choices, like someone serving a buffet.  She is just about able to accomplish what she has set out to do, but I am worried about The Burrito Lady.  Rachel is doing alright but,  she surely could use some money and community support.  With her gloves on, serving till it hurts, there is no complaint.  A lot of people could learn how to enjoy helping others if they had her love and dedication.

Lets rally behind the good things here, of which she is one, and make this a better place to live for all.  Here is a poem about her…….
My Favorite Meal
I met a lady who serves us burritos.  If you ask the homeless, everyone knows.
She is all over the city, gracing Albuquerque, And she also serves us more than stew and turkey.
For seven years Rachel has served us hot meals,  In a van full of food and four fair wheels.
She saw people on Central searching the trash for food,  And turned our misery into a really good mood.
I see her once a week on Lomas and 1st, And every Sunday I conquer my hunger and thirst,
Then Like the others I disappear,  But I always hold The Burrito Lady dear.
Seven days without her makes one weak.  I’d love to walk over and kiss her on the cheek,
But she is happiest helping others with a meal.  I wish I could show her even better how I feel.
This article was written By Dennis L. Gray a Duke City Times Contributor
Dennis L. Gray
dennisgray dctcontributer

THOUSANDS PROTEST AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY:Major Protest across america in the name of equal Justice for all.

Images courtesy of the Associated Press.

Images courtesy of the Associated Press.

In light of what has been questionable grand jury acquittals regarding the Micheal brown and Eric garner cases,Major Protest In the St. Louis and New York Areas Have been raging,they continue to grow as well,as of this report New York has been protesting for three days and growing in size,Micheal Brown and Eric Garner were two Black men who were killed by white officers in what many believe were racially motivated incidents.Citizens black and white across america seem to be fed up with a “stealth” culture of racism throughout the justice system and society in general and have taken to the streets. The Governor of New York and Even the President Of the United States have stated that America Has “Deep” racial issues that need to be resolved.The Americans that are protesting seem to be doing a good job bringing this to mainstream attention. In cities across america the Department of Justice is Looking into new police operating procedures.There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel,in the end the death of those two men won’t be in vain,and there may be a lot of positive changes to the justice system and society as well.

DAVID ELIAS WINS DUKE CITY TIMES HERO AWARD:South Valley Hero,feeds 300+ families and wins Duke City Times Hero Award


300 families In the Albuquerque South Valley are Having happier holidays this year After David Elias purchased 300 turkeys and all the fixings for three hundred families.David Elias Has met the Criteria To become the Second recipient Of our award The Duke City Times Hero Award For “extraordinary actions that benefit the community and improve our quality of life” And we are honored To List him in our records as an official Duke City Hero.Elias Will become The Second recipient of our Hero award and will never be  removed from the record,the first was Magdalena Romero for Her selfless advocacy for victims of Crime In New Mexico.Mr. Elias Your are a true Hero and we thank you sir.We interviewed people about what you were doing and we want you to know that many people are so very happy and grateful for you and that you really made a huge difference in our lives and community,Not very many people come out like that on there own. This type of event was quite different in concept,maybe that’s what makes it great,It was something that made a difference,something that let people know its not that bad,that there still heroes out there.We at the Duke City Times hope that many people follow the lead of David Elias,we hope that more people in the community get out there and make a difference,nonetheless,we will still hold strict guidelines for our award,we want to make it really one of the hardest awards to receive in new Mexico,one where a person cant be referred,we must witness it in action,and make the determination if the recipient is a TRUE hero,till then will keep our eyes open for the next DUKE CITY HERO..

Ebola Comes To America,But is contained,so far..

Image courtesy of the World Health Organization

Image courtesy of the World Health Organization

As the War on Ebola wages in West Africa fears heighten in the United States as infected doctors and nurses return from the battle. The United States has a really good medical system that can deflect and treat this type of medical epidemic however we do not produce the medicine to cure thousands of citizens if the outbreak was ravaging the United States leaving us in a semi-serious position. By waging the war on African soil were doing pretty good, but if it ever did spread, well things could get messy fast, Not cause any hysteria or anything, this is just a pretty serious topic. So as we stand today there’s been about 8 people who have returned from Africa to the United States with Ebola, one has died and we have it pretty much contained throughout the country, but we are precariously waiting to see if new outbreaks occur, stay tuned.

New Mexico Starlet Going Places


New Mexico’s own Rachael Rowe is no stranger to performing for audiences.  As a prior pro female boxer and cheerleader for Del Norte High and UNM this girl knows how to liven things up.  Not only is she skilled in creating good energy and a positive vibe, she’s taking the Duke City Film scene by storm.  Having worked on four major motion pictures including “In Plain Site” and “La Vida Robot”, she does everything from stunt work to production and acting. She’s going places fast, with possible NBA/NFL cheerleading opportunities and more upcoming film productions. In addition to all of this, she is also a paralegal by day and pursues other hobbies including music and modeling.  Keep up the good work Rachael!

U.S. Begins Destruction Of “Isis”

After months Of  Isis beheading journalist and  killing innocent children and Civilians The United states Has garnered approval from the congress and the international community to form a coalition to destroy to “Degrade and Destroy ” Isis. This Week A US led Air campaign has attacked and destroyed two major Isis strongholds.

Isis Believed that they were on a fast track to taking over the world but that quickly ended with the international community agreeing to “destroy Isis by any means necessary”

Israel Continues to Attack Palestine!


As of this report the war between Israel and Palestine continues to rage, for the better part of a century these two countries have been in fierce battle and skirmishes, for some unknown reason, well there’s many different views, they cant seem to find a resolution and come to peace, with both sides vowing to attack and defend there honor, it is becoming an image that saddens the world, Is the world growing tired of seeing these two fight? Will there ever be an end to this rivalry? Can we build an “international zone” between the countries that accepts all nationalities to show them that peace is possible? With the scholars and politicians unable to solve this dilemma between these countries the only thing we can do is sit back watch them fight until one either loses or they just keep fighting forever, but one thing I can say, if there is a mediator/negotiator out there in the world that can make these two stop killing each other, he truly would be the greatest negotiator in the world!

Duke City Times Exclusive: The Art of Reinord V. Whitt-Pritchette


Born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Englewood, Colorado, Reinord Von Whitt-Pritchette (who likes to go by Rein) started drawing at the age of 8 years old; he later became serious about his art at 28 and hasn’t stopped since. Rein was adopted at the age of 21 with the help of an old Colorado mining law, he did this because going into the Vietnam war he reasoned that if he died he wanted to die as a Pritchette the name of his adoptive parents, and so Pritchette was added to his name and he survived working as a radio operator in the Vietnam war (a very dangerous Job) allowing us to be blessed with his wonderful art today,

When I first entered the Whitt-Pritchette Studio I could tell that it was alive and industrious, pieces of canvas and wood laying around, different art pieces here and there, rein and his friend busily creating and delegating the task of the day, you get a feeling that your in a true art space. Since I’m in the News business I like visuals I like pictures, especially art, I asked Rein If he had any images that I could put up in his honor, what I saw was simply put compelling. Here’s a little of what I saw…



WEB.ARTImage_Odysseus-.w.TitleBlock-[ 375x279 ]

      As you can see this is the work of a true artist, when I asked Rein about his career as an artist I learned that he started out painting and then he went to drawing, and now he does what is called serigraphy which is a type of artistic silk screen work that is very complicated in working with. 

Rein is a Very Kind and somewhat gregarious individual, you can tell that he is a serious professional artist and that he cares very much about the link between Art and the community, not only is rein the type of artist that wants to better Albuquerque and the world with art, but he is also looking after artist in his work to strike a deal with the banking sector to better serve the artist community.

You can see Reinord V. Whitt-Pritchette’s work in the Albuquerque Museum of Art or at the Whitt-Pritchette Studios in the Heart of Albuquerque’s Gold District located at :

                                001.a-e_Mail_WPLogo-(150x63) ]  [2]                                        

                   105 Gold Street

                     Albuquerque New Mexico 87103


                       “Compelling..” – The Duke City Times

WEBImage_ArtClassAnnouncement-[ 761 x 500 ]

The Plight Of Downtown

             skylineabqAs I was downtown eating in a restaurant I overheard the owner and some customers talking about the day and current events then the began talking about the “plight of downtown Albuquerque”; remember how a few years ago downtown had a new “downtown action team” and everything was going to be better, well its not, that might as well been some kind of political scheme to get tax payer money because now downtown is worse and with the county offices leaving the center of the city where they should be it could die all together, here’s the situation from the eyes of the downtown restaurant owner(which is a vital part of a diverse tourist friendly environment). She told me that restaurant owners have to pay a fee something like $7 for the “downtown action team” which she says was a good service in the beginning because they acted like security and scared off loiters but now they just clean, which tax dollars already pay for street cleaning. Next they have to pay rent and false alarm fees for police and fire, add on top of that an increase in minimum wage and the downtown brick and mortar restaurants are hurting, why are they pissed? because the county/city allow food trucks to come in and park during block parties and festivals taking business from the resident downtown businesses, there also mad because the city and county are relentless in making money over parking downtown, this isn’t New York city your not going to make that much! The owner even told me she saw a traffic officer write a guy a ticket while he just left his car to go buy the parking stub, a random citizen stopped in the middle if the street and was arguing with the traffic officer until the driver returned and put the stub on his window sparing him a ticket, then the city/county tried to make money off of businesses by charging them $50 to be included in a “walk downtown” map, is that promoting business?700-30,000 people may be leaving the downtown area the shop owner told me with the county leaving, if that’s right, downtown Albuquerque is going to hurt, bad.
So here’s the plan me and the owner came up with, if you want downtown to flourish 

ban food trucks or make them pay super high fees to park downtown, rent etc. grant free parking either at certain times or areas, this isn’t new York and the city/county will make more money from taxing profitable businesses than parking machines,

Consolidate and keep county city buildings downtown where they belong.

Create a balance between large and small businesses and use “downtown action team” fund to subsidize new businesses and new development,

Tax Large vacant apartment Builders For the building that are just sitting there, or reduce rental rates,-there’s been rumors that certain wealthy individuals that own apartments downtown are purposely leaving them vacant in a plot to move downtown toward the Coronado mall area, moving it farther from tits original and historical site, and possibly farther from the local poor and middle class in the area.


And the city should hold events downtown on a monthly basis, this will draw traffic and revenues as well as revitalize the area, these are just a few main things, however the duke city times being true to our word as being the voice of the people has spoken and mark our words, downtown is still broken, unless things are changed along the lines listed here we can pretty much predict that it will remain broken, so he hope that people will take pride in our city and rally together to get some things changed and truly revitalize this wonderful place we call the Duke City!

Local Entrepreneur Fights For Civil Rights!

Acryforhelp  For over 15+ years Entrepreneur and Albuquerque resident Magdalena Romero has Been fighting For the rights of citizens in the city of Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico, her unique organization offers relief and support to not only victims of crime and domestic abuse but also victims of the judicial system. In these times of police abuse of power it’s reassuring to know that there are people who care for the common welfare of the under-served and disadvantaged in our community, It is a very honorable and courageous thing to be proactive in helping those in need. Without people like Magdalena the voices of the people would not be heard, without people like Magdalena corrupt officials would continue there abusive actions; founding her organization in 1995 and later restructuring it in 2010 A Cry For Help Inc. has been serving New Mexico for over 15 years, this organization is one a few in the state that gives power to the people and aids in providing essential oversight between the people and there local and state governments, The Duke City Times is honored to feature Magdalena Romero and all those that work with her at A Cry For Help Inc. and We would like to acknowledge her as one of the duke city’s Best of The Best, thank you Magdalena for serving the citizens of the Duke City!   

For more information about Magdelena Romero or if you are in need of services from A Cry For Help Inc, Please Visit:



                                                  or call

        Contact Number :  505-922-8788


Let the statue of liberty Guide our Immigration Policy!!

quotes-statue_00405069 (1)
There’s a lot of talk about immigration these days,Helpless poor immigrants from Mexico fleeing economic and political corruption and Americans blocking them and arguing about who’s right, let them come or turn them away,Well here’s the truth about this situation and the solution. People in Mexico know that they must pay to become citizens but its pretty insulting to ask them to pay when they are all poor,besides Cartels and a corrupt government has made it to where the average hardworking Mexican national can barely even make it, that’s why they want to come here for a better life,Some don’t know the procedures,Its not like we drop flyers on there side instructing them on how to become citizens,ultimately they just come across the desert cause there desperate,and we turn them away,the humane solution is this,we should be understanding and humane about there situation,and not penalize them but take them to housing centers,where we can process them,granting the non-criminal citizens cards or citizenship and sending back the criminals,there not in a situation where they can afford anything,they are political and economic refugees fleeing a violent corrupt and terribly poor country to ask for money would be insulting,why should we do this? well here’s why! because under the statue of liberty there’s an inscription that says “bring me your poor,your outcast,your refuse,your downtrodden” we would all fight and die to protect the statue of Liberty,if you are unwilling to support and defend the inscription on the bottom of the statue of liberty then maybe you should just leave yourself!Second answer to why is this, America was built on immigrants from all over the world,and the the refugees coming from mexico are no different than the immigrant coming from Europe in the 1900’s,all this aggression against these people is pure ignorance and un-American,a true American would be willing to help them and figure out a solution that’s win-win,these people are hard working intelligent people,actually they are descendants of the Aztec culture which were the greatest innovators in mathematics astronomy and engineering as well as one the the greatest empires that ever existed, with streets of gold,If Canada was overrun by drugs and corruption and collapsed economically and people were getting murdered in the streets I don’t think people would say anything if Canadians were running across the borders? I believer its shameful to kick someone whose down,or to turn away someone who needs help,there’s a village in the middle east that saved US NAVY SEAL Marcus Luttrell when the Taliban was right about to behead him because they had a thousand year old tradition that they would fight to the death for anyone that came to there village and needed help,Marcus Lutrell went back and took the leader of that village to his ranch in Texas, that’s Honor,that pride, that’s how we should be that whats makers America strong, a coward would turn away poor women and children who made it to there shores,a hero would do the right thing and bring them on the condition that they work and make there way like the rest of us,finally in conclusion I want to say two things America,the solution for this immigration “problem” is to house them when they cross the borders,process them,turn back those who are criminals,and release the others,and two, remember this, a coward turns back women and children who need help,a hero helps them!

P.S. no matter who you are the quote at the bottom of the statue of liberty is not open for interpretation,it is what it says, and it means what it mean for all people,let the statue of liberty guide our path on immigration.

Iraq Is meltingdown

Iraq Is meltingdown

After the U.S. Coalition forces pulled out of Iraq recently about two weeks ago and handed the government over to the people of Iraq a terrorist group called “isis” has taken over the country and is is causing major disruption,throughout all the world and the media people are watching violence erupt in Iraq and pretty much the country is melting down,the people are going to have to stabilize themselves and bring order to there country,the world is watching.

Albuquerque Convention center Getting New facelift

Albuquerque Convention center Getting New facelift

The Albuquerque Convention center is getting renovated,the new face lift should be complete within a few months,probably by December,to the left of this picture are the statues of senator Dennis Chavez and his wife,one of the coolest statues in new mexico.The new convention center will not only look better for visitors and bring repeat business to new mexico but it will also give the civic plaza area a more appealing look,citizens look forward to the new building.

Ukrainians Hold Elections,Russia questioning there legitimacy.

Ukrainians Hold Elections,Russia questioning there legitimacy.

Today the Ukrainian government was holding routine elections and the Russian government sent cables questioning these elections were legitimate due to the fact that Russian troops were deployed in the Crimean area.It appears as thought Russia has already basically laid claim to this area by questioning the elections, there troops are deployed in Crimea and region in Ukrainian illegally and the world is just sitting by,Russia continues to partake in vary, “shady” and underhanded political and military exercises,this could be the beginning of many problems in this part of the earth.

Angry Mob protest against police shootings,did the police learn?

Angry Mob protest against police shootings,did the police learn?

Usually when protest happen its about some kind of government program or to save the wales, or because of some kind of political unrest,This time it was against the very police that were trying to control the protest,after multiple shooting this year the people of the duke city finally had enough when the police shot and killed an innocent defenseless homeless man camping in the foothills of the sandia mountains,they started marching downtown,practically took over the police substation and began battling them on the streets,The message sent,don’t abuse the citizens this way or we’ll come out in mass and wreak havoc,that’s pretty much what happened. Apd probably learned a good lesson after today,don’t abuse citizens rights,and actually the protest worked,because now the mayor is asking for more funding to pay for increased DE-escalation training for the police department,so always remember duke city citizens when something like this happens come out en mass because by using your right assemble,even if they are throwing tear gas and saying “unlawful assembly” on the loud speaker,at least the politicians see and make the changes needed.

Vital Foods NM Has Opened up downtown!


Vital foods has opened up in the downtown area,this nice little health food store has a nice ambient effect to it, with fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy snacks and essentials it can quickly become a vital tool for your diet and grocery system,the lighting and setup is very user friendly and the prices aren’t too bad,the duke city times would like to wish vital foods the best and a long prosperous future in the downtown area,

vital foods
926 coal ave sw
albuquerque New mexico

stop by there open 10:30-6pm every day!

Experience the Amazing art of Sarah Werner

We were absolutely amazed when we saw sarahs art,Sarah Werner a Local Albuquerque artist and UNM student has allowed us to post the following images in our online publication.The image of the city is absolutely stunning,and other works of sarahs pull at your soul and visual appetite,Creative and talented is an understatement,this artist is pushing the envelope to the upper reaches artistic creativity,It is a great privilege  to  post sarahs art on our site, you can see m

ore of sarahs amazing work at  ,





Actress Jessica Osbourne

Born and raised in cleethorpes,England to a mother who was a dance teacher, Her first time on the stage was at the age of two, at age 4 she was playing Nelly the elephant in a singing and dancing production,staring in her first film at the age of 11 her career began blossoming, entering the Italia Conti acting school in great Britain at age 16 and graduating with a union membership in the British equity It was an honor and pleasure to interview this ,professional ,highly skilled and great actress/director Jessica Osbourne.

Jessica is a busy actress,finishing up her role in “rapture blister burn” and preparing for her part in the upcoming “love loss and what i wore” ,Jessica is the consummate actress,acting is her life;When I first met Jessica two things came to my mind,One, This is a real true actor,and two she is a true professional.From the actress Hollywood like glasses on the table,well earned might i add,to just the way she communicates,every word,facial expression,is years of roles and characters portrayed flawlessly while we talk,its as if she doesn’t know she doing it, i’m starting to call it that “acting thing”,Its what happens when you come across true actors with years and years of experience under there belts,its as if all the characters they played and all the lines they memorized has cultivated and blessed there inner spirit so much you can help but see it emanate when they talk with you,its like the finest type of communication a person can experience almost like a higher wavelength or pure art and literature,I’ve said this before and ill say it again,Its as if your entering a movie and your talking to a character,that’s how Jessica is,but its really her,shes just a pro,you know your talking to a true actress you can just tell.She has been in many roles, “the amateur”, “the man-app” “dangerous Liaisons” “mid summers night dreams” ,and when asked if she can jump in and out of character she can,and she kind of in a way gave me an example,which was very unique and showed me that she is a very true actress in that shes not stuck in roles,she can turn it on or off and be herself or jump into character which to me seemed like it would take a lot of skill and you can tell was learned in a school like the italian conti.I have the privilege and honor of interviewing famous and important people,specially actors,and I learn from them,what i learned from Jessica is that she works hard,and that she works hard even though shes a classically trained actress from a British school,and I can also tell that she is somewhat customized,doing roles and genres she likes,she says she likes comedy a lot,I can also tell its her passion,she would probably do it for free and probably does at times when she not doing paid features.Jessica told me she likes new mexico,that “there’s a high amount of talent here”,her favorite theaters are the duke city repertoire,the auxdog, and the motherroad theater although she can also be found doing comedy at the nexus brewery or the damn bar.My interview went very nice with Jessica,I asked her who her influences were,she said,Victoria wood,meryl streep and judy walters,all of who i could see reflecting off of her ,In closing I would like to say there’s nothing like meeting a real actress,and this was one of those times,so thank you Jessica and I look forward to seeing you again on the silver screen!

Acting classes-Jessica Osborne will be Holding acting classes at the Aux Dog Theater in nob hill starting march 29th,the courses are full scale professional acting courses including but not limited to,vocal production,cold reading,scene study,creating vocal character,physical character creation,background work, and accent and dialect work, The focus of her instruction is on the technical side of acting.For more information please visit the auxdog theater,email or call 505-604-4522 for more information.

The duke city would like to welcome the march 7th Amped show Featuring DRIVENDOWN



Win tickets to The duke city Amped show featuring DRIVENDOWN

Rock masterpiece band DRIVENDOWN is participating in a contest that will allow you to see them at the march 7th amped show,top notch hard rockers will show you how rock and roll is done,you can enter the contest to see DRIVENDOWN at there facebook page

You can also see hear there music and Buy tracks at

But hurry and dont be late to see one of albuquerques top bands DRIVENDOWN