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Health is Wealth:A treatise on the benefits of healthy living

The goal of the health is wealth system is to have a healthy lifestyle in all areas but leave your back account obese,which may not be the healthiest thing to say but lets proceed anyway.

Health is tied to EVERYTHING you do.Your productivity is based on Health.In relationships,physical,mental,spiritual,financial,its all based on your health,if your in pain,that’s physical,if your feeling low spirit,that’s spiritual,if you have things that hinder you motivationally or thoughts that hold you back that’s mental.All the issues like this that affect you can be treated,usually if you just try to live a healthy lifestyle and clean you health house.Some things you may need a doctor or psychologist or minister,but for the most part most people can alter their lifestyle and become healthy.
It’s like a chain effect,if you live 100% health orientated you’ll start to see habits,thoughts,actions,environments,people,and so many other things that can have a negative impact on your health.In closing Health is wealth,Just make sure you let you bank account get obese

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