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Taking America By Storm:Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire Primary,Americans From Coast to Coast Voting For Bernie Sanders

Fed up with FBI investigations,racist billionaires and Ivy league graduates bought out by the 1%,citizens all over America turn out in droves to Vote For Bernie Sanders.The 74 year old politician has struck a cord with his political practice of sincerely fighting for the people.Bernie Sanders Is the equivalent to a modern day George Washington,liberating America from corporations and billionaires that are corrupting the government and oppressing the people.Rarely has the country gravitated for such a candidate,at this rate Bernie Sanders Will Become president of The United States.All demographics are voting for Sanders,the youth are voting for sanders,the elderly,the blue collar and white collar,military and police,every level of the citizenry is voting for sanders nationwide.Sanders Promises,very sincerely,everyone loves him,that he will level the playing field for all Americans and the world as well as provide free healthcare and education like many modern European countries.It is expected that if Sanders becomes president,his policies will radically change the world for the better,Americans Nationwide are expected to continue flooding the polling stations until Sanders becomes President.

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