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North Korea Test Fires Ballistic “Satellite Missile”:How Long Will The International Community Allow North Korea To Advance?

North Korea has test fired a ballistic missile against U.N. security Council Agreements.The North Koreans state that the missile put a satellite into space,no satellite was detected and the world knows that they are just advancing militarily.So here’s the Question How long will the world let this violent criminal nation that kills its own people advance?

With North Korea Hiding Behind china they just recently tested a Nuclear bomb and have now tested a Ballistic Missile.The international community is in an uproar,but will anything be done? Will we wait till a major city is bombed by the North Koreans?Will the world continue to be fooled and watch the North Koreans advance?

Whether North Korea Bombs a City or we have to stop them preemptively,We are going to have to think in terms of going to war as a last resort.This could be a good thing because we can renounce and default any debt we owe China If they help North Korea,But this could be WW3, We would have to recruit India for manpower and build massive coalitions to win,but we would win.We would have to win any current wars we are fighting and consolidate all fronts,but this is the dark reality,what are we going to do If North Korea Attacks one of the allies of the United States? We as Americans must be prepared,we must have our country in order,and we must always be ready for a major confrontation like this.North Korea is Like a child with a gun,you never know what might happen.As an American the best thing I can say is that good can arise out of this at a high cost,yes we will go to war,yes many lives will be lost,but in the end,we will liberate the people of North Korea,unifying all Korea as one,we will no longer be indebted to china,our country will be stronger and richer,the world will be a safer place,and we will be victorious.I hope and pray it never comes to this,but this is the reality we must face.

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