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The Peoples Right To Bear Arms Shall Never Be Altered,Minimized,Reduced,or Hindered

The American people must be able to bear arms to insure our freedom if the government turns against the people,this is our second amendment right.Taking away advanced weapons like automatic rifles infringes on this right,If the people only have hunting rifles and pistols and a potential rouge government has fully auto weapons,the people wouldn’t have a chance.What if the there are advances in technology and the government has Laser weapons that are unlimited in ammunition and the people only have conventional firearms?The problem isn’t guns,its multiple problems with society,like injustice,corruption,racism,and the like that cumulatively lead people to boil over.We should hold the politicians accountable to do their job and improve our society instead of taking away our ability to protect ourselves like our founding fathers intended.Politician’s need to bring peace to the world,end corruption,promote equality,and be stewards of all things good,instead of being disconnected from the people,this is what will end gun violence.How would we as a people know if the government turned into a dictator ship?if there was a slow decline and people began rebelling would the government outlaw weapons to quell the uprisings or pass “gun laws”? Our power is in numbers,with the same technology of weapons,at least personal weapons as the government.God forbid America should ever have uprisings on a large scale,or a tyrannical government,but the peoples right to bear arms should never be altered,minimized or reduced because of the actions of a very few or because of leadership ineptitude to lead us into a peaceful world.we must never hobble ourselves as a people to defend ourselves.The people may not have tanks and jets and aircraft carriers,but our strength is in numbers,and our right is to bear the same rifles as the military.This right shall not be infringed!God Bless The United States Of America!
-Stephen K. Judy


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