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The Art of Jeremy Adonis Carlson:Prolific Artist Brings Back memories from the games we play the Games

Local artist and UNM student Jeremy Adonis Carlson has struck a chord in the local art community;his art sends us back to the days of hopscotch,Mario Brothers, Chess and Billiards.When you look at these pieces your reminded about every unique experience we all have had playing these games.Creating the art was no easy task,in fact it was daunting.The Rubik cube took around 500 hours to complete and is hand stitched,not to mention the other items like the mushrooms and the “question mark blocks” from Mario Brothers.One thing that sticks out is the metal dice on a block,this piece is just wonderful,the rusted aspect gives it an old look but yet a very classy world class look,the kind of thing you see around fine art and dining locals around town ,and Adonis makes it himself.A California native Jeremy resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico and holds bachelors of art from UNM and an Associates in Welding From CNM, He uses his welding skills in many of his pieces.You can see more of Jeremy’s art at the South Broadway Cultural Center Art Collection or at the Wheels Museum where Jeremy will be holding his Thesis Reception.If you are an art fan this show is a must!

Jeremy Adonis will he holding an Honors Thesis reception At:


Honors Thesis Exhibition “The Games We Play” at The Wheels Museum

Opening Reception:

April 29th @ 5:30 pm

Closing reception: May 6th @ 5:30

The Wheels Museum:

1100 2nd SW

Albuquerque NM 87199

For more information call: 505-721-7754

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