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As a local entrepreneur I have attempted many types of businesses in the Albuquerque metro area,most of my ventures were in the realm of online websites and blogs,over the years I have created a Vast empire of online websites and blogs,however many of them failed,as it was a learning process,and then coupled with my education in English literature from New Mexico State University I wanted to create a blog where I could just write,After making personal blogs and journals to no avail my journey suddenly blossomed into a site I just created on a whim called the DukeCityTimes.Com This site is my most prized online publication reflecting the beauty and culture found in Albuquerque New Mexico, The DUKE CITY!The growth of this online newspaper has exploded exponentially and is ever expanding into print! I don''t have enough man hours or time to handle the work alone and am always looking for people to help me write,edit,report,publish,its truly is the media publishing business at its best.So thats how it happened,I'm still an entrepreneur and I'm looking at starting other publications/ventures,but it all started with the DukeCityTimes.Com ! thank you and please stop by and visit us again! sincerely,
Stephen K . Judy

Teach me Wisdom , Teach me Understanding

You see all ,you know all , your words are pure love , you always have mercy,you seek to be with us , you are the sanctuary who’s doors never close and all are welcomed , whoever comes to you is adorned with fine Lenin ,you make their paths straight , you speak for the poor in high places , you blood covers all things,blessed be your name forever , let it be custom and tradition across the tablet of my heart to praise your name each day and each night, let it be custom and tradition that all kings and queens kneel to your name , let it be custom and tradition that all seek you for guidance , you are the light and the truth for all wisemen to hear , teach me to be a good servant , teach me to live according to your will , teach me wisdom , teach me Understanding , blessed be your name forever.

New Mexico,Before you sell your house , check with me !

I really hate to say it that way but my job is not only to make you money but to protect you, a lot can happen during a transaction and the worst pitfall is putting your house on the market at a suggested price , thinking your maximized , and losing thousands of dollars , a second pitfall could be negotiation meltdown, My first job was as a telemarketer for my dad at 15 , I know business , I know people , before you sell check with me let’s get all your money from all your hard work ,on your transaction ! I’m Stephen Judy , Coldwell banker legacy , give me a call , I look forward to hearing from you , I work for you !

Before you tell me how to drive can you protect my car ?

Albuquerque is a car town , in fact it’s a racing town (Unser Family)?, this town could be the next Indy 500 , add low riders and the dealerships and all the auto businesses , this is a car town , and you want to put up cameras ? I wouldn’t disrespect a car town like that , worry more about serious things like the criminals that are stealing cars in Albuquerque everyday , instead of going after kids and car guys , and racers who have a hobby and spend their time doing that instead of breaking the law, go after the thieves ,New Mexico has a serious problem of “leadership” stealing the people’s money for private “city” projects and crap making bad choices like putting up cameras , focus on what the people need like affordable housing and opportunities so people can follow their dreams , before you tell me how to drive can you protect my car like other cities? ?

Affordable housing, fighting crime, better investments than Stadium.

Albuquerque spent a lot money with the “ART” project and you’ve seen the results , we don’t need to spend money on another project right now , let’s work towards restoring the city as a whole by creating opportunities for citizens , reducing homelessness , fighting to make Albuquerque a low crime city and investing in affordable housing , these are things that will prepare the city for a Large pro stadium in the future. Go big or go home do it right , fix the city then build a stadium.

In your honor

In your honor let me be a man of non violence , may I speak of your love forever , there’s is peace in your sanctuary, may I speak of your love forever , in your honor I will build my home , may I speak of your love forever , I will chase you till the ends of the earth , may I speak of your love forever , let every breath be an offering to you , may I speak of your love forever,

I prayed to you..

I prayed to you that you would have mercy and lift me up and you did , you heard my prayer and had mercy on me , you didn’t turn your ear from me , you did take me to a land of milk and honey, I was astonished when I saw the land was previously owned by your church , you heard my prayer and took me to your land , please have mercy on me and let the home I build on your land be dedicated to you , let it be a great monument of your love and mercy for all peoples throughout the world ,Amen

Your are a great person and you mean a lot to me!

Hello , if your reading this , it got to you somehow from my network , and that means I reached you , I want you to know that despite what the world is saying or doing to you , or however you maybe troubled , I want you to know that I care about you, I know everything can be washed away and underneath there is a great beautiful person , I want you to be strong , to keep fighting for the forces of good and what’s right , and know in spirit and in heart I have your back ! , You will survive thrive success and conquer , Godspeed to you forever!

All Native culture is priceless and beautiful : Actual Cortes account of Mexica Capital city Tenochtitlan

From Cortés, Second Letter, 110–14

“In order, most potent Sire, to convey to your Majesty a just conception of the great extent of this noble city of Tenochtitlan, and of the many rare and wonderful objects it contains, of the government and dominions of Moctezuma, the sovereign; of the religious rites and customs that prevail, and the order that exists in this as well as other cities appertaining to his realm: it would require the labor of many accomplished writers, and much time for the completion of the task. I shall not be able to relate an hundredth part of what could be told respecting these matters but I will endeavor to describe, in the best manner in my power, what I have myself seen; and imperfectly as I may succeed in the attempt, I am fully aware that the account will appear so wonderful as to be deemed scarcely worthy of credit; since even when we who have seen these things with our own eyes, are yet so amazed as to be unable to comprehend their reality. But your Majesty may be assured that if there is any fault in my relation, either in regard to the present subject, or to any other matters of which I shall give your Majesty an account, it will arise from too great brevity rather than extravagance or prolixity in the details; and it seems to me but just to my Prince and Sovereign to declare the truth in the clearest manner, without saying any thing that would detract from it, or add to it.

Before I beam to describe this great city and the others already mentioned, it may be well for the better understanding of the subject to say something of the configuration of Mexico, in which they are situated, it being the principal seat of Moctezuma’s power. This Province is in the form of a circle, surrounded on all sides by lofty and rugged mountains’; its level surface comprises an area of about seventy leagues in circumference, including two lakes, that overspread nearly the whole valley, being navigated by boats more than fifty leagues round. One of these lakes contains fresh, and the other, which is the larger of the two, salt water. On one side of the lakes, in the middle of the valley, a range of highlands divides them from one another, with the exception of a narrow strait which lies between the highlands and the lofty sierras. This strait is a bow-shot wide, and connects the two lakes; and by this means a trade is carried on between the cities and other settlements on the lakes in canoes without the necessity of traveling by land. As the salt lake rises and falls with its tides like the sea, during the time of high water it pours into the other lake with the rapidity of a powerful stream; and on the other hand, when the tide has ebbed, the water runs from the fresh into the salt lake.

This great city of Tenochtitlan [Mexico] is situated in this salt lake, and from the main land to the denser parts of it, by whichever route one chooses to enter, the distance is two leagues. There are four avenues or entrances to the city, all of which are formed by artificial causeways, two spears’ length in width. The city is as large as Seville or Cordova; its streets, I speak of the principal ones, are very wide and straight; some of these, and all the inferior ones, are half land and half water, and are navigated by canoes. All the streets at intervals have openings, through which the water flows, crossing from one street to another; and at these openings, some of which are very wide, there are also very wide bridges, composed of large pieces of timber, of great strength and well put together; on many of these bridges ten horses can go abreast. Foreseeing that if the inhabitants of this city should prove treacherous, they would possess great advantages from the manner in which the city is constructed, since by removing the bridges at the entrances, and abandoning the place, they could leave us to perish by famine without our being able to reach the main land–as soon as I had entered it, I made great haste to build four brigantines, which were soon finished, and were large enough to take ashore three hundred men and the horses, whenever it should become necessary.

This city has many public squares, in which are situated the markets and other places for buying and selling. There is one square twice as large as that of the city of Salamanca, surrounded by porticoes, where are daily assembled more than sixty thousand souls, engaged in buying, and selling; and where are found all kinds of merchandise that the world affords, embracing the necessaries of life, as for instance articles of food, as well as jewels of gold and silver, lead, brass, copper, tin, precious stones, bones, shells, snails, and feathers. There are also exposed for sale wrought and unwrought stone, bricks burnt and unburnt, timber hewn and unhewn, of different sorts. There is a street for game, where every variety of’ birds found in the country are sold, as fowls, partridges, quails, wild ducks, fly-catchers, widgeons, turtle-doves, pigeons, reedbirds, parrots, sparrows, eagles, hawks, owls, and kestrels they sell likewise the skins of some birds of prey, with their feathers, head, beak, and claws. There are also sold rabbits, hares, deer, and little dogs, which are raised for eating and castrated. There is also an herb street, where may be obtained all sorts of roots and medicinal herbs that the country affords. There are apothecaries’ shops, where prepared medicines, liquids, ointments, and plasters are sold; barbers’ shops, where they wash and shave the head; and restaurateurs, that furnish food and drink at a certain price. There is also a class of men like those called in Castile porters, for carrying burdens. Wood and coals are seen in abundance, and braziers of earthenware for burning coals; mats of various kinds for beds, others of a lighter sort for seats, and for balls and bedrooms. There are all kinds of green vegetables, especially onions, leeks, garlic, watercresses, nasturtium, borage, sorrel, artichokes, and golden thistle; fruits also of numerous descriptions, amongst which are cherries and plums, similar to those in Spain; honey and wax from bees, and from the stalks of maize, which are as sweet as the sugar-cane; honey is also extracted from the plant called maguey, which is superior to sweet or new wine; from the same plant they extract sugar and wine, which they also sell. Different kinds of cotton thread of all colors in skeins are exposed for sale in one quarter of the market, which has the appearance of the silk-market at Granada, although the former is supplied more abundantly. Painters’ colors, as numerous as can be found in Spain, and as fine shades; deerskins dressed and undressed, dyed different colors; earthenware of a large size and excellent quality; large and small jars, jugs, pots, bricks, and an endless variety of vessels, all made of fine clay, and all or most of them glazed and painted; maize, or Indian corn, in the grain and in the form of bread, preferred in the grain for its flavor to that of the other islands and terra-firma; pâtés of birds and fish; great quantities of fish, fresh, salt, cooked and uncooked ; the eggs of hens, geese, and of all the other birds I have mentioned, in great abundance, and cakes made of eggs; finally, every thing that can be found throughout the whole country is sold in the markets, comprising articles so numerous that to avoid prolixity and because their names are not retained in my memory, or are unknown to me, I shall not attempt to enumerate them. Every kind of merchandise is sold in a particular street or quarter assigned to it exclusively, and this is the best order is preserved. They sell every thing by number or measure; at least so far we have not observed them to sell any thing by weight. There is a building in the great square that is used as an audience house, where ten or twelve persons, who are magistrates, sit and decide all controversies that arise in the market, and order delinquents to be punished. In the same square there are other persons who go constantly about among the people observing what is sold, and the measures used in selling; and they have been seen to break measures that were not true.”

Citation :

Historic Barelas Neighborhood Unhappy with stadium process.

The community of a Barelas Isn’t happy with the way that City of Albuquerque is handling their concerns regarding the building of the new stadium.Many in the community believe that the money for the stadium should be used to build the community instead of it being exploited by building a stadium for quasi-private city interest. The Duke City Times Stands with the people of Barelas and believes the money should be used to revitalize the community by bridging the wealth disparity which will reduce crime and put the city in a better position for a professional league stadium in the future.

Engineering wonder for Albuquerque Central Corridor: Turn it green,add functional Trolley.

My plan consist of turning the Albuquerque central corridor into a Green outdoor marketplace that is , small business friendly, with apartments and functional infrastructure in the form of a trolley that stretches to Rio Rancho. With the trees growing it will help the environment and set us on the way to being a green city, I would also like solar cells throughout the whole mall preferably having the trolley operate on sun energy, gardens would be nice to , throughout the whole marketplace , connect the community with the gardens in the central district , create city agriculture programs , build Santa Rosa dam ,design the infrastructure in a way we can use it to disperse solar energy in the future , utilize the wealth of the people towards income generating investments that are connected to the people .

Write Stephen K Judy in as Mayor of Albuquerque

I’m asking that you write me in as mayor ,I’m tired of seeing the city if Albuquerque taken advantage of by private interest ,these are the things I will do in response to gaining your favor :

Immediately work to hire 180 officers , increase wages incentives

Use real estate projects and renewable development to revitalize the international district and other underserved areas (make the south valley the city of Albuquerque?)

Create entrepreneurial programs and initiatives towards bridging the wealth disparity In our communities,

Create anti crime community involvement programs

Create extensive solar farm possibly to provide free energy in the city

Create extensive agricultural programs that are geared toward community and ending violence

I would completely demolish the A.R.T program and make central avenue a giant business friendly park that stretches across the city with a trolley that reaches to Rio rancho ,

I would improve our school system and make it safe for students to study.

I would work to provide more affordable housing

I would build a rehabilitative homeless tent city

I would create a massive street cleaning program

I will follow the best advisors and do what’s best for the long term interest of the city

Thanks spread the word , help me make Albuquerque a high tech modern city that will pave the way for the future , if we build correctly , then we’ll be able to build a major league stadium , but must take care of our city first and become prosperous, instead of small projects that ignore the real problems !

CYFD Secretary makes exit amidst brewing controversies


Santa Fe, NM – Today the Children Youth and Families Department Cabinet Secretary, Brian Blalock resigned. House Republican lawmakers today issued the following statements concerning Blalock’s exit and serious concerns over the department’s performance.


I am not surprised that Secretary Blalock would resign- during the past two interim hearings bipartisan lawmakers asked tough questions about how CYFD is protecting our most precious asset- our children,” said House Republican Caucus Chair Rebecca Dow (Truth or Consequences). Blalock and his staff evaded every question with excuses and stall tactics, which is representative of what most families involved with CYFD face every day. We have had ample opportunity to reform CYFD, and create a system with accountability and transparency that puts the children first instead of endless excuses.”


Blalock’s department has faced increasing scrutiny over the past year. Recently it was revealed in Searchlight NM that “at least a half a dozen high-level” staff were reprimanded, fired, or resigned for questioning a major software contract. The department’s usage of the Signal app also brought the Lujan Grisham administration under investigation for blatantly disregarding public transparency laws in what the administration calls “transitory” messages. Transparency and staff controversies aside, CYFD has also faced media scrutiny over several scandals involving abuse of children within their system. 


I have heard from many New Mexicans that independent oversight and accountability are needed from the top down within CYFD- this is not a new issue and it is troubling that three years into Lujan Grisham’s term we are still having the same conversations,” said Representative Kelly Fajardo (R-Los Lunas). “Community activists have asked Santa Fe for an independent ombudsman to provide everyone within CYFD fairness and honesty and unfortunately those efforts have stalled. I look forward to working with the new secretary, however until the culture in the department changes I worry that the same headlines will continue to repeat themselves and CYFD will continue to fail to protect New Mexico’s children.


Blalock did not attend Lujan Grisham’s press conference announcing her new CYFD secretary.

All people are priceless !

All people are priceless in the eyes of the father, none are expendable ,whoever crosses your eyes is royalty just as you are and will be treated as such, for it is written “Love God with all your heart mind and soul and love your Nieghbor as thy self “these are keys to heaven , as quick as you can judge your brother is just as quick as he can turn and return to the father and be adorned with fine lenin and a ring placed on his finger , he loves the lowest amongst them more than the stars in the sky , he dwells in the hearts of those who walk with him , they are never forgotten , he never leaves there side , for it is written “ and lo I am always with you “ , just as the rejected stone becomes the capstone, so too he does with the lowest amongst them , for it is written “ today you will be with me paradise , “ just as he was lifted from death , so too are they.

Free local advertising of your Car Sales Ad‘s

Hate getting banned or put in “ account jail “ the Duke city times is a local publishing co. In the Albuquerque area that’s open to pretty much open to anything other than anything illegal or profane ,by promoting free speech, and strong local Exposure the Duke City Times provides a more effective and organic advertising strategy for the long haul, through local content and promotion , email to get an invite to post your ad

NM State Police Arrest High School Coach for Exploitation of a Child in Valencia County

For Immediate Release

July 17, 2021

NM State Police Arrest High School Coach for Exploitation of a Child in Valencia County

Valencia County, NM– On July 16, 2021, the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau was called to investigate the sexual exploitation of a child between an adult male and a 15-year-old female in Los Lunas, NM.

During the investigation, State Police agents learned between June 13-15, 2021, a parent discovered her 15-year-old daughter had been sexually communicating via cellphone through text messages, videos, and pictures with a male, identified as Johnathon M. Bindues (30) of Los Lunas, NM who is the girls’ track and basketball coach at the Los Lunas High School. Agents discovered and confirmed the sexually explicit conversations between Bindues and the 15-year-old female.

Through further investigation, agents learned during the 3-day exchange of sexually explicit text messages, photos, and videos, Bindues had made requests for the 15-year-old to send him videos and photos of her to him. During a search of the laptop, agents discovered numerous nude videos and photos of the 15-year-old. Agents confirmed both cellphone numbers utilized belonged to Bindues and the 15-year-old.

On July 16, 2021, an arrest warrant was issued for Johnathon Bindues through the Valencia County Magistrate Court. In the early morning hours of July 17th, agents and uniformed NMSP officers located and arrested Bindues without incident at a residence in Los Lunas.  He was booked into the Valencia County Detention Center in Los Lunas, NM.  Bindues was charged with the following:

  • Sexual Exploitation of Child (causing or permitting to engage in act, under 18) (3 counts) (3rd Degree Felony)
  • Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor (3 Counts) (4th Degree Felony)

The names of the juvenile victim will not be released by State Police. This case is on-going investigation by the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau

State police investigate Balloon crash.


Bernalillo County– On June 26, 2021, the New Mexico State Police was requested by the Albuquerque Police Department to investigate a hot air balloon crash with multiple fatalities in Albuquerque, NM.


At approximately 7:34 a.m., New Mexico State Police officers responded to the scene located near Unser Boulevard and Central Avenue in Albuquerque, NM.

Upon arrival officers located five occupants, the pilot and four passengers. The pilot, identified as Nicholas Meleski (62) of Albuquerque, along with three passengers; Susan Montoya (65), Mary Martinez (59) and Martin Martinez (62) all from Albuquerque, NM, sustained fatal injuries in the crash. They were pronounced deceased on scene by the Office of Medical Investigator. One other passenger, John Montoya (61) of Albuquerque, NM was transported from the scene by emergency personnel to an area hospital in Albuquerque. He later succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased.


The initial investigation indicates the balloon descended towards the ground and struck an overhead power line. The basket became engulfed in flames.  The Albuquerque Police and Fire Department arrived on scene, extinguished the fire, and rendered aid.


The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigators were notified to investigate the crash. Inquiries into the cause of the crash should be made directly to the FAA.  


The New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau, Crime Scene Unit, Crash Reconstruction Unit and Aerial Drone Team assisted in the investigation.

New Mexico State Police Narcotic Operation leads to 18 arrests in Bernalillo County

For Immediate Release

June 1, 2021

Bernalillo County- On May 19-20, 2021, the New Mexico State Police Crime Suppression Unit (street crimes south element) executed multiple arrest warrants in Albuquerque, NM. These warrants resulted from a three-month operation focused on the trafficking of illegal narcotics through social media platforms.

During the extensive operation, the New Mexico State Police Crime Suppression Unit identified 34 individuals selling illegal narcotics. Of the 34, Crime Suppression agents arrested 18 individuals. Those arrested were booked into the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque, NM without incident. More arrests are forthcoming.

As a result of this investigation, the New Mexico State Police seized a total of 3 pounds of Methamphetamine, 439 Fentanyl pills and 11 grams of Cocaine.

“New Mexico State Police will continue to target those who sell or are in any way involved in trafficking illegal drugs in this state” said Robert Thornton, Chief of the New Mexico State Police. “Large scale, long term complex operations like these are essential to help make our streets and communities safer.”

Our heroes are worth remembering !

Our country is far from perfect , but we have done some great and beautiful things , recently we all banded together and voted out a dictator in one of histories greatest mass vote movements , our country and the people are very strong and their hearts are good , yes we need to push reparations and make things right and yes we still have a lot of work to do in the fight against hate and fascism , but I will tell you; despite all the problems we have , the greatest stories and legends ever created were done by Americans in the trenches fighting to defend the land of the free and the home of the brave, and that is worth remembering .

Call for Tulsa Massacre Reparations

There have been so many injustices in this country, for some we ignore the injustices and move forward and for others we stop and we don’t move forward till the injustice is “ made right “ , some things need to be made right, especially what happend to the black community in Tulsa that was massacred with no justice found , this is a terrible terrible thing , and a great blemish on the fabric of our Nation, and it will not be made right till those innocent victims are repaid for the destruction done to them as they were trying to live a normal law abiding life , the blemish will not be removed until they are repaid, our country is the richest country in the world built on the backs of displaced Native Americans and African slaves , today is the day , now is the time , that all Americans , in good faith to your fellow man and country , must push to get reparations paid out of the overflowing coffers of this nation, reparations paid to the ancestors of those who have unjustly suffered at the hands of hate, we may not be able to give them the world like we would wish , but at least give them something, to show, that in America all have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and justice will be served , even in the form of a check , don’t rob these people of what they deserve , they were wronged and it needs to be made right , if this country doesn’t attempt to make these things right there will be racial tension and the ugly head of rascism will grow even worse as we have recently seen ,in a country so rich, let’s make things right , let’s move forward together ! I will pray to my god that he will soften the heart of this country and somehow bring justice to the victims of hate all across this nation , sometimes you have to apologize , sometimes you have to make things right , I hope we will find the strength to do so..

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