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Albuquerque A.R.T program Proves Worthless.

Some  said it would be a success, some said it would be a failure; the ones that said it would be a failure were right. The Albuquerque A.R.T program has turned to court litigation and is basically in shambles. After former Mayor Barry (who Some say fraudulently built The art program for insider gain) destroyed all of central for busses that have proven to be experimental, the lanes and A.R.T infrastructure just uselessly sits there.It would be nice if the people could get their money back or if somebody could pay or be punished for this worthless system on the backs of Albuquerque residents.

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  1. Former mayor berry should be indicted. This city is too small for the amount of people that live here. 1 lane that moves all of west side traffic north? This city has become the model of corruption.


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