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Trump Presidency worst in American history.

There has been no other presidency that has shown so much negativity,bad decisions and fraudulent behavior than the Trump presidency.Not only has this administration lied to the American people, attacked our media calling them fake news and has had more administrative layoffs than any other administration;it has as the Mueller report states possibly committed election fraud.This administration may not even be legitimate. And also Trump could possibly face jail time after his possible impeachment.No other presidency has had so much controversy so much classless behavior than this administration which truly is an embarrassment for the American people.And finally after attacking our our press,after possibly colluding with Russia, after embracing dictators of the world;what makes this president even worse is it’s America first nationalist policy with some people call racist white nationalism.Trumps nationalist isolationism is what makes it worse;that’s what makes this the darkest administration in American history.

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