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Rep. Paul Pacheco Pre-Files Legislation to Keep Repeat DWI Offenders Off of the Roads

Santa Fe, NM – Legislation that would toughen the punishment for repeat drunk drivers who continue getting in the driver’s seat when their licenses have been revoked or suspended as a result of a DWI conviction was pre-filed today by Rep. Paul Pacheco.

The bill, HB 81, would add a fourth-degree felony to a DWI charge when the offender is charged with a DWI while driving with a license that had already been revoked or suspended for a prior DWI offense.

“It’s not enough to suspend the licenses of repeat DWI offenders,” Pacheco said. “Even with a suspended license offenders are still getting behind the wheel. This bill will protect our families by creating a harsher punishment aimed at keeping offenders off of the roads.”

If passed the bill would also toughen the penalties for those who lend their car to someone with a revoked or suspended license due to DWI.

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