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Democrats disagree with Martinez budget proposal.

 DPNM Statement on Gov. Martinez Budget

Albuquerque, NM – Democratic Party of New Mexico executive director Joe Kabourek released the following statement after Gov. Susana Martinez’s release Tuesday of her budget proposal:

“While we appreciate the Governor’s new interest in core Democratic programs like early childhood education, this budget does nothing to address the real issues facing our state: We are last in job creation and first in poverty.

“What’s more, Gov. Martinez has said absolutely nothing about plans to address the rampant corruption and ethics violations that have plagued her Administration. Until we address the culture of corruption in the Martinez Administration, no budget proposal will be able to take us from the being the worst-run state in the country to being the thriving economy that New Mexicans deserve.

“Further, Gov. Martinez’s Administration has made mistake after mistake in dealing with the federal government and that is costing New Mexico taxpayers millions of dollars. Does the Governor’s budget include the $16 million the state owes the federal government for her Administration’s Medicaid errors? Does it include funding to address the alarming gap in special education funding?”




0101516 – Martinez Budget Response

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