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Justice For Lilly is Accomplished

102215_root_confession_1280After a few hours of the whole city in grief over the road rage death of Lilly Garcia ,Age 4, The Albuquerque Police has arrested 32 year old Tony Torres who has confessesd to the shooting. Thanks to the people of  Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Police Department for bringing Justice For Lilly.

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  1. He and her father “repeatedly cut each other off”.
    Why was a father with his children in his vehicle driving like that?


    • Hi dan, Im sure you’ve heard match force with force,well I agree with you that both drivers were wrong,however,the shooter took it to a whole new level and shot into the car,he did the final escalation,I think he’s wrong and deserves what he got,hes not being charged with reckless driving,hes being charged with murder because he had a gun on him and shot into a vehicle on the highway.


      • So the other guy was a worse dick. That does not answer my question:
        Why, BEFORE THE SHOOTING, was the father driving like that with his children in the car?
        (And why would he not also expect his road rage to increase the other dick’s road rage?)


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