History of the Duke City

Mont-cortezFounded by conquistador explorers over 300 years ago, The City Of Albuquerque, aka Burque, aka The Duke City, is the largest city in the state of New Mexico and one of the oldest cities in the United States.  For centuries The Duke City has been the center of culture, trade, and economics in the Land of Enchantment.  A proud melting pot of Hispanic, African American, Anglo, and Native American cultures, this city is truly unique in sights, sounds, and flavor.


"Corazon" By Kerry Bergen

By Kerry Bergen



Reinord V. Whitt-Pritchette

Reinord V. Whitt-Pritchette

the art of mike weeden

the art of mike weeden



Comprised of major neighborhoods,also called barrios,barelas,Duranes,Martinez town,happy homes,el sur valle,la valle norte,san jose,the heights,downtown,and the westside, the city is known as a tough and exciting city as well as very  artistic,and culturally diverse city,art is everywhere,the city is one of the most artistic cities in the united states.



Situated along the Rio Grande in central New Mexico, ABQ is a vibrant and rapidly expanding city with close to a million citizens spanning down towards the South Valley and up North into Rio Rancho.  Visitors will not only experience a true taste of the Wild West but will also experience modern influences on art, music, scenery, and culture.


The Rio Grande

The Rio Grande



Artist Shontysa Joe

Artist Shontysa Joe

lawrence griego





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