philosphie du conservatoire

Dish with chestnuts and oak leaves

World Class International program instructed by a cadre of refined artist designed to awaken the artist within and identify ,interest, attitudes and specific skills that’s develop artistic leadership ,individualism, character and discipline.

Lion-dog (Shishi)

To satisfy US and international teaching standards for the NMIFA Bachelors in Advanced Fine Arts Studies , students and instructors contribute to the following program;

Social & Behavioral Sciences
Natural Science and Technology
Civilization Studies, Culture and Belief
Values and Ethical Reasoning
Unique disciplinary Elective
History of Theatre

Exploration of Acting Methods

Theatrical movement



Acting For the Camera

Fundamentals of Screenwriting

Fundamentals of Directing

Costume, hair and makeup design

Explorations in Fine Art

Fundamentals of oil Painting



Set Engineering

Studio Engineering


Water Jar with swirling clouds

We are Gift Based institution selected artist are tuition Free.