By: Kjorteo Kalante

 Years after the outbreak of a deadly plague, after all quarantines failed and the outside world became a lost cause, uninfected survivors live under the protection of an oppressive domed city. The law declares that exposure to the wilderness means death. Under these conditions, a tribe of eight infected outcasts begins a long and dangerous journey. They mean to reach the only other living city of which they know, and to chronicle their lives along the way. As they struggle with disease, exposure, hunters, and their own disagreements with one another, can they manage to pass on their legacy before they pass on?  afflicted            

marlena                                                         Model Marlene Garciaunnamed1unnamed11unnamedagel1                                             The Photos Of Charlotte Selfridge

Mariachi Chapala


Mariachi Chapala de  Guadalajara,Jalisco


 New Mexico Starlet Paints the Town Red

New Mexico’s own Rachael Rowe is no stranger to performing for audiences.  As a prior pro female boxer and cheerleader for Del Norte High and UNM this girl knows how to liven things up.  Not only is she skilled in creating good energy and a positive vibe, she’s taking the Duke City Film scene by storm.  Having worked on four major motion pictures including “In Plain Site” and “La Vida Robot”, she does everything from stunt work to production and acting. She’s going places fast, with possible NBA/NFL cheerleading opportunities and more upcoming film productions. In addition to all of this, she is also a paralegal by day and pursues other hobbies including music and modeling.  Keep up the good work Rachael!

Duke City Times Exclusive: The Music of Sheila V.A.


One of our very own editors shares a bit about her freelance music career:

“Every day is an opportunity.  I wake up, I work on various projects, I spend time with my loved ones, and I pour out my thoughts and feelings through music and writing.”

Sheila V.A, short for Sheila Victoria Anne, was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico and raised in San Antonio, Texas.

“I was a surprise to my parents when they were young and in love. They gave everything they had to raise me.  My dad sold his guitar, drums, and his beloved Firebird to pay the bills and my mom worked several jobs to help make ends meet.  My grandmothers and our family friend Ginger helped to take care of my brother and I until my dad got a job offer in San Antonio doing contract work and construction.  I was six when we moved, so Texas is a big part of my childhood but New Mexico has always been my home away from home.”

Growing up, her parents constantly encouraged her and her brother to do what they love and follow their passions no matter what.

“I have passion for many things, and my parents have been supportive in every instance.  I adored our pets growing up which led me to volunteer at animal shelters around San Antonio. I love health and fitness and found myself wanting to train for natural body building competitions in my early twenties.  I found my greatest expressive and creative outlets through music, so I decided to go to school for it.”

Sheila received her Bachelor’s in Music Performance at the Moores School of Music in Houston, TX and went on to pursue her Master’s back in her home state at UNM.


“Every teacher, every class, every group, and every performance has been an eye-opening journey. I learn something new from each endeavor and ultimately I am who I am because of those experiences.”

Post graduation, Sheila moved to Boston to continue discovering herself and what other cities and cultures had to offer.

“Living in Boston was expensive but unforgettable. So many different kinds of musicians, all with their own and unique talents…I was able to take something away from everyone I met and worked with, both during my 9-5 and outside of the daily grind.”


Sheila recently moved to Austin, Texas to be closer to family and to continue her musical journey. She teaches music most weekday afternoons and spends the rest of her free time writing and collaborating with other local musicians.

“This is the next chapter in my life and I’m so thankful to have the opportunity and the freedom to follow my passion.”

Check out sheilava on her YouTube channel by clicking here.

You can also hear some raw and unedited recordings of the jazz-folk trio she performed with in Boston via her SoundCloud below:


Song written for sheilava by former colleague Hong-Da Chin:




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Reinord V. Whitt-Pritchette

Reinord V. Whitt-Pritchette

Andrew Linville Portfolio 2014

Rikki Barrio art from Las Cruces New Mexico.



Experience the fantastic   Art of Sarah Werner



You can See more of sarah’s amazing art at:

Jessica -Headshot

Actress Jessica Osbourne

Born and raised in cleethorpes,England to a mother who was a dance teacher, Her first time on the stage was at the age of two, at age 4 she was playing Nelly the elephant in a singing and dancing production,staring in her first film at the age of 11 her career began blossoming,  entering the  Italia Conti acting school in great Britain at age 16  and graduating  with a union membership in the British equity It was an honor and pleasure to  interview this ,professional ,highly skilled and great actress/director Jessica Osbourne.

Jessica is a busy actress,finishing up her role in “rapture blister burn” and preparing for her part in the upcoming “love loss and what i wore” ,Jessica is the consummate actress,acting is her life;When I first met Jessica two things came to my mind,One, This is a real true actor,and two she is a true professional.From the actress Hollywood like glasses on the table,well earned might i add,to just the way she communicates,every word,facial expression,is years of roles and characters portrayed flawlessly while we talk,its as if she doesn’t know she doing it, i’m starting to call it that “acting thing”,Its what happens when you come across true actors with years and years of experience under there belts,its as if all the characters they played and all the lines they memorized has cultivated and blessed there inner spirit so much you can help but see it emanate when they talk with you,its like the finest type of communication a person can experience almost like a higher wavelength or pure art and literature,I’ve said this before and ill say it again,Its as if your entering a movie and your talking to a  character,that’s how Jessica is,but its really her,shes just a pro,you know your talking to a true actress you can just tell.She has been in many roles, “the amateur”, “the man-app” “dangerous Liaisons” “mid summers night dreams” ,and when asked if she can jump in and out of character she can,and she kind of in a way gave me an example,which was very unique and showed me that she is a very true actress in that shes not stuck in roles,she can turn it on or off and be herself or jump into character which to me seemed like it would take a lot of skill and you can tell was learned in a school like the italian conti.I have the privilege and honor of interviewing famous and important people,specially actors,and I learn from them,what i learned from Jessica is that she works hard,and that she works hard even though shes a classically trained actress from a British school,and I can also tell that she is somewhat customized,doing roles and genres she likes,she says she likes comedy a lot,I can also tell its her passion,she would probably do it for free and probably does at times when she not doing paid features.Jessica told me she likes new mexico,that “there’s a high amount of talent here”,her favorite theaters are the duke city repertoire,the auxdog, and the motherroad theater although she can also be found doing comedy at the nexus brewery or the damn bar.My interview went very nice with Jessica,I asked her who her influences were,she said,Victoria wood,meryl streep and judy walters,all of who i could see reflecting off of her ,In closing I would like to say there’s nothing like meeting a real actress,and this was one of those times,so thank you Jessica and I  look forward to seeing you again on the silver screen!

Acting classes-Jessica Osborne will be Holding acting classes at the  Aux Dog Theater in nob hill starting march 29th,the courses are full scale professional acting courses including but not limited to,vocal production,cold reading,scene study,creating vocal character,physical character creation,background work, and accent and dialect work, The focus of her instruction is on the technical side of acting.For more information please visit the auxdog theater,email or call 505-604-4522 for more information.




Win tickets to The duke city Amped show featuring DRIVENDOWN

Rock masterpiece band DRIVENDOWN is participating in a contest that will allow you to see them at the march 7th amped show,top notch hard rockers will show you how rock and roll is done,you can enter the contest to see DRIVENDOWN at there facebook page

You can also see hear there music and Buy tracks at

But hurry and don’t be late to see one of albuquerques top bands DRIVENDOWN



New Mexico Actor: Eric Wagner


Eric Wagner is a local new mexico actor that resides in Santa Fe new mexico,he is involved with many productions in the new mexico area and has a long career in the film and music industry.For the past 20 years Eric has filmed in movies such as remo williams 1st adventure,performed many of his musical compilations around the state as well as featured in many corporate commercials.Eric is an excellent actor and musician,with many up coming productions featuring Eric he truly is hard at work and coming to a set near you!

Rare Interview With the Legendary Preston Harmon



Recently I had the great privilege of interviewing Actor and Emmy award winning costume designer Preston Harmon.Not only Did I learn about life and the art of acting,i was truly amazed at this entertainers story;Born in California to a father that wan an actor and minstrel  Preston learned of acting at an early age,its in his blood,in his words “he knew what he was destined for and that was acting”, While acting in California  he was fortunate to work with a variety of star as well as such as ,Lucille ball,  whoopi Goldberg and ,Lawrence fishburn,  he also worked for Disney as costume designer where he won an Emmy for his designs.Whats interesting about this story is the extreme odds in which he has defied in his life,being “legally” blind you couldn’t tell as we answers his cell, walks around looks at you can see you and is pretty much has normal vision,and another thing you couldn’t tell about Preston is that he defeated cancer,having been diagnosed a few year back he said in in his words “its my cancer and i can do with it what i want, i can give up and let it win or i can carry on and defeat it,” When you first meet Preston,you know your meeting an actor,with a tall slim build ,long purple  trench coat hat from the 20’s and facial expressions  Lawrence fishburn once said was impeccable facial acting,meeting Preston is meeting a true character,to be honest,I felt like i was in the room with a legend,and a true piece of furniture in the acting/theater/film world,I’m an actor myself and i actually became a better actor just by talking to him for a few minutes,maybe that’s why Preston is so while known around town within the acting community,you know they say that new mexico is the next Hollywood,or in prestons words, “chilliwood” and that being said I guess even though hes originally from California he might be one of the original few actors of new mexico. Mr. harmon says that he enjoys all types of acting however he may have an affinity towards comedy,and that was very apparent, he also is writing on some things,when you talk to preston you can help but laugh because his personality is so causally entertaining its quite different and refreshing,you know your in the presence of a morpher a chameleon,its quite unique, i guess you could sget uniique vibes from presidents,doctors,lawyers,business people,but when you meet a true actor,someone that can be any of them in any given moment,it does something magical,you feel like your in a movie just talking to the person,that’s how Preston is,once you start talking to Preston your in a movie,in Hollywood,he could probably charge people just for talking to him,In conclusion,It was an honor and privilege to interview Preston Harmon, he truly is a national treasure and a legendary actor.

Preston harmon has featured in the signal,terminator,breaking bad,in plain sight,a million ways to die,and many other films,


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    This is a great venue for writers. I like the fact that you have found good people to interview. If you put the date and the writers name at the top of each article underneath the title of the article, this will help it look professional.
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